Friday, December 8, 2017

First Snow (Catch Up Post)

Seeing snow for the first time must be such a magical feeling. Of course, I don't remember the first time I saw snow because I must have been less than a year old. But Daniela will have this memory forever. As we drove through Provo canyon I hardly noticed the snow because there was so little on the ground. But Daniela saw it right away and exclaimed, "Oh! Is that snow?!" She was so enraptured by it as the little skiffs and patches flew by her window that I motioned for Brian to pull over for a minute to let her out.

She was surprised at the cold air as it hit her face, but she wrapped herself up in my giant winter coat and was soon laughing and playing in it with the rest of the kids.

"It's snow! It's snow!" she exclaimed. "Take my picture, take my picture!"

And so I did. And I laughed right along with her. Part of me wished that the snow had been light and fluffy and coming from the sky in giant flakes to land on her eyelashes and fall on her tongue, but then I looked at her face and I realized that she didn't need any of that. She was delighted with the snow just the way it was. Crusty and old and barely covering the ground beneath it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I was so grateful to Daniela that day for beholding the beauty in an experience I might not have seen, and for sharing that joy with us.

We are so lucky to have her.

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