Friday, April 16, 2010

Guess What?

I looked at my back door last week, and this is what I saw. (I didn't arrange this picture, either!)

I got a sunburn today...and I was uncomfortably hot in my summer attire.

These little guys are happily eating away the leaves on our apple tree.

And, I am loving this weather. I'm not sure whether to call it spring or summer...but whatever it is, it's much more welcome than the dreary last weeks of winter!

Warmth, you are most welcome in my home. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't Forget to Remember...

Dear McKenzie and Carson,

I watched you run around the park yesterday with Brigham and Eric, but instead of smiling and enjoying the afternoon, I spent the time trying to ignore the painful lump in my throat. It would not be ignored, however, and after growing steadily for a couple of hours I knew it was moments away from bursting into hundreds of tears. So, we said a quick goodbye and buckled into the car. I turned on your favorite CD to keep your attention, and then let my mind to wander and allowed a few tears to slide down my cheeks to ease a bit of the pain. Do you know - how could you possibly know - how blessed you have been to have these boys in your young life?

2005 - Brigham, Katie, Eric, and little Eric sitting on the side

Time is a funny thing. It has a way of slowly carrying pain away from our hearts, yet you can be certain that it is also slowly carrying a new kind of pain your way. And being a young, unestablished family making friends with other young, unestablished families guaranteed that the pain of separation would someday find us.

2006 - Brigham, Eric, Nicolas, McKenzie

It seems the time has come for them to talk about the next phase in their lives...a phase that could take them in to another state, and out of our every-day lives. And, though my heart is broken, I feel comfort in the memories I will carry with me. I pray you feel that comfort, too. And, if it turns out to be that we only have a few short months left, let's make the most of it.

2007 - Kenzie, Eric, Briggie

How long will you remember these days, Carson? McKenzie, can you hang on to them forever? Will you always be able to picture little Eric, decked out in his School attire, peering at you from whatever openings he can find through his thick, shaggy hair? Can you see him jerk his head to the side? Can you hear him laughing?

Two years from now, will your mind be able to see Brigham, tenderly holding a caterpillar inches away from his thick, black-rimmed glasses? Will you be able to hear his voice explaining all about Bakugans, or Legos, or his newest art creation?

You'll have to tell Miles all about his most loyal admirer, Marley, when he gets a little older. Remind him that she could sit and hold him for much longer than any 18 month old should be able to sit still. Tell him how she loved to give him his binkie, and cover him with his blanket.

Carson, will you remember that Katie was one of your first loves? Will you know how you prepared yourself before each visit to profess that love? Kenzie, will you remember that Eric nearly stopped your heart as he valiantly tried to curb your fear of Mustang? Will you remember the pride you felt for yourself when you'd courageously touch his golden fur? Two years from now, can you still smell the chicken coop and feel the burning desire to climb on in with the hens? Will Carson always wish to be the monster in your games?

2008 - Mikayla, Brigham, Josh, Eric, Nano, McKenzie, Carson, Harrison

It seems nearly impossible at this point that you could forget a family who has been so much a part of your own - yet, another thing about time is that it can rob us of even the most precious memories.

2009 - Brigham, McKenzie, Carson, Eric

Just know, my children, that you were actively loved through your young years by a most remarkable family...and that you loved them in return.

2010 - Eric, Brigham, Carson, McKenzie