Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kindergarten Kenz

She loves it!

So far, she loves everything about it. The teacher, the friends, the homework, the lunches, the playground, the backpack...and her newest love? the little red smiley faces the teacher draws on her schoolwork.

I love it, too!

Though, I don't quite love everything about it. I sure miss that girl throughout the day (seriously - school goes from 9:00 until 3:30 - - - did someone miss the fact that she's FIVE???). She's left a quiet little space in the home that I can't seem to fill ... and, I'll admit that a few tears have been shed for my own loneliness as I deal with the fact that my best little friend is gone for most the day.

But - I still love it. I love the new independence McKenzie radiates; I love hearing about her gym class, and math class, and friends; I love being home with my two little guys all day; I love watching Carson as he enjoys playing by himself; but the thing that I love the most is ironically the very thing that breaks my heart: watching my precious little girl grow - physically and emotionally. She is so beautiful in so many ways...

Enjoy your kindergarten year, love!