Sunday, September 19, 2021

Juarez visit

You know those visitors who come into your home and slide so easily into your way of life that it feels like they were meant to stay forever? That's how I feel about my sister and her family.

They could stay forever. I think Eliza agrees because then she'd have a playmate to do all the things little girls should have a playmate to do.

Like covering bodies in chalk and jumping on trampolines and... not sharing.

Thank goodness chalk is not just for little girls. Timothy was all in, too, and drew a self portrait with remarkable likeness.

Of course, whenever anyone comes to visit us under the summer desert sun, we can’t spend much time on the trampoline for fear of melting right through the surface. So we seek out water, and getting out on our boat is our favorite way to do that.

Michelle and Jake really are so cute.

As is that spunky toddler on the tube. I love her like my own.

The handsome captain.

And precious little Lexi!

Both girls have a thing about a too-bright sky, and both of us moms have a thing about toddlers in sunglasses. So it works out well.

We always stay until the sun goes deep below the mountains.

When we’re not in the water or playing outside on the trampoline, we’ll chat, or watch a movie, or play a game. One evening these three played an epic game of Secret Hitler.

They had us all so fooled that it made me question my parenting skills that two of my dear, beautiful children could lie so convincingly.

One afternoon, Michelle and I were sitting on the front porch attempting conversation. But being mothers of small children, we were mostly having interruptions sprinkled with conversation. This particular encounter took Eliza a full minute and a half of sputtering before getting to her final point, which was: that she forgot.

But that’s why I love having the Juarez family around. They are talented in the art of rolling with the punches, and that makes it fun to simply ‘do life’ with them around. 

To end the evenings, we love to jump in the pool or hot tub. It's easier to have grown-up conversations like that. The colors in this photo make me laugh every time. Brian and Jake look like oompa loompas swimming in kool-aid.

Please come back, Juarezes!