Monday, December 11, 2023

A Week in Review

1.  Timothy Almost Got Turned Away at the Doors.

Months ago, when we bought tickets to see the comedian, we didn't see the casino's 12-and-older policy. Probably because it didn't exist until the day before our show.

"How old is he?" the ticket taker asked.

"Ten," Brian replied, truthfully.

"Um... uh oh. Okay. So, he's too young," she said.

Confused silence.

"Actually, he's eleven," Brian tried. "Twelve! Fourteen?"

The ticket taker laughed, said she needed to talk with her manager, and informed us that the policy had just barely been put into place because there was a problem with infants crying in a recent show.

"Well, I can promise you he won't cry like an infant," I assured her.

She left and came back a few minutes later with a more authoritative woman who looked me right in the eye and said, "Is this your son?" Yes. "And you give permission for him to watch the show?" ...Yessssssss? Odd question seeing as though we're all standing there as a family with his ticket in our hands. But, whatever, yes. "Alright, go ahead." We let out a collective sigh of relief and found our seats.

Timothy looked up at me and whispered, "Phew. Mom. That was so scary... I almost cried like an infant back there." 

He was serious.

Timothy has held a dream of being a stand-up comedian for years now. And has been more excited for this show than anyone else. We all enjoy a good, clean comedian in this house, but Timothy especially.

We started the evening at the Shake Shack (even splurged on milkshakes), and then spent the rest of our time exploring the Wynn casino.

Wait, scratch that. I should have said that we started the evening with pants. Because getting these boys in pants is more noteworthy than most things I do in life. I endured the eye rolls and the pleas and held strong during the heavy negotiation phase. (Fine, you don't have to wear button-up shirts, but I'm holding strong at pants.)

They looked great.

And, of course, the capstone was laughing till our cheeks hurt at the hilarious way Nate Bargatze sees the world. 

2) Also Stage Worthy: My Boys

Twice a year, the youth of our church from all around the valley are invited to audition to perform in Zion's Youth. A symphony and choir made up entirely of teenagers who practice intensively in the weeks leading up to their one performance in our local, downtown performance hall. It is always a great show and it's fun for my boys to have a chance to perform in a well-run, professional-feeling choir.

3. She's Not ... Wrong ...

"Mom, this is so funny. Look- it says here 'Low Fat,' but it really should say 'High Fat' because this is actually very fat." She was right. She couldn't even get close to wrapping her hand around the entire base of the bottle.

She has been incredibly excited as the world has opened up to her through her ability to read.

4. Eliza and I Try Hard to Infuse our Home With Feminine Energy

We know our power.

5. The Boys Have Invented a New Game. We Call it Turkey Racing.

Timothy is sporting the uniform here which is simple... One large hoodie. Legs go in the sleeves, and hands tuck in anywhere they can find. All three boys ran around the basement as turkeys and I was laughing so hard I didn't even get a picture of the three of them together. Just imagine big teenage boys falling and getting up without arms. By the time they were done we had decided to purchase four of the cheapest hoodies we could find on Amazon to expand our game to include friends over Thanksgiving.

Teenagers are the best.