Friday, December 15, 2017

Eliza (Catch Up Post)

This baby.

She is joyful and boy does she know how to spread that joy.

When we were trying to decide whether or not to have another child, there were many parts of me that felt overwhelmed with the thought of adding another person into our lives. I liked how well our family of six fit around our six-person dinner table. And I liked how we fit into our mini-van with enough room for friends. And I liked that we had no diapers in the house and that our schedules weren't governed by nap schedules and that my bag didn't have to hold snacks and sippies and wipes and toys and extra clothes.

But every time I looked farther into the future of what I wanted our family life to look like, past the reintroduction of diapers and sippy cups, something just felt missing.

And now I get all choked up thinking about this beautiful baby girl and how blessed I feel to have her in our family.

The reintroduction of diapers, and fitting her around our already full dinner table haven't really been that big of a deal, turns out. The joy that she has brought screams so loudly in my life that I can't even hear the minor inconveniences that are trying to speak for my attention.

I truly believe I will always remember these youngest years as beautiful and full because of her.

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