Sunday, May 14, 2017

First Bath

Like I always say, nothing causes a family to gather like a baby's first bath.

I never say that.

But it happened to be true of Eliza's first bath.  The children came running in from all corners of the yard and house when they heard that it was time to give Eliza her first bath.  Timothy chattered excitedly about water and towels and soap, and took testing the water temperature very seriously, and Miles bounced around flashing his excited eyes, which are some of my very, very favorite.

Eliza didn't mind the bath too terribly...

But it's hard to know whether or not she would have actually enjoyed it had it not been for all of the small, unpracticed hands dripping water all over her face help that she had.

The children were as gentle as could be, and every single one of them took turns rinsing and soothing and stroking her hair. Some serious love was floating all over in that little bathroom.

And after all was said and done we got to introduce the kids to the joy of snuggling a freshly washed baby.

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