Thursday, May 25, 2017

Carson's Arrow of Light

If there is a plate of food on Carson's lap, he's in his happy place. If there are handsome boys on a wooden bridge with delicious light surrounding them, I'm in my happy place.

This was Carson's Arrow of Light ceremony where he bridged from a Cub Scout into an 11-year-old scout. He got to walk across this bridge to symbolize the transition, and then sign his name along with all of the other scouts who have crossed over it for the past many, many years.

Carson is so lucky to have a great group of boys his age all doing this with him.

I will never forget watching sad Carson in his first Pinewood Derby. He had worked hard on his car and sat surrounded by boys his age who were cheering and excited and all together. But Carson seemed alone and friendless. I don't know why friends in Henderson were hard for him to come by, but days into our new life in Boulder City, Carson had a 'team'. He had a 'pack'. He felt loved.

And as I thought about that little 8-year-old Carson just coming into Cub Scouts and watched that almost 11-year-old Carson just leaving Cub Scouts it was easy to see the growth and the confidence that have developed over the years. And it was beautiful.

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