Monday, June 1, 2009

Sheets update

What a funny discussion about sheets! Thanks for all of your comments - - - I was completely floored that it was even possible for BOTH of us to be correct! Even so, I think I still give the trophy to Brian - he was the one who said that the lip was a decorative edge and meant to be seen. Even though I guess I technically put the sheet on the right way, my reasons were completely wrong. :)

Interesting fact that should have been observed 7 years ago: I have two different kinds of sheets. We got two sets of sheets for our bed from our wedding reception, and I have always thought they were exactly the same and have, consequently, mixed them hundreds of times. But, after reading all of your comments, I studied the sheets a little more carefully and found out that ONE set has a decorative edge meant to be seen (the one I pictured), and the OTHER set has a hem that is very obviously meant to be hidden. (Examining the pillowcases helped me come to these conclusions, as well.) How funny! I like the idea of sandwiching the two right sides together and folding the top sheet over the quilt...but, since my comforter is tan and chocolate, I'll have to save that technique for another time in my life when my sheets aren't baby blue. :)

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  1. Glad to hear that you made a decision and that you both can be right for different reasons!