Thursday, June 18, 2009

I LOVE Water!

I'm hot. And, it's humid today - which doesn't help. So, I'm going to blog about water. Nice, cool, refreshing water. It's actually not that hot of a day...but for whatever reason, I'd love to go jump in a nice, cool pool. :)

It's been raining quite a bit here over the past few days (so much so that I'm concerned about the status of my clay-soil garden that has a hard time draining itself. I fear all of my plants are drowning to death...) and I couldn't resist taking the camera out underneath the safety of an umbrella to capture a little cuteness from my kiddies. They LOVE playing in the rain! I would let them do it more often but for the fact that as soon as they've decided they're done we have about 1.8 seconds before major meltdown occurs and shrieks of "I'm freezing!!" and "My undough-weaw is ticky! (my underwear is sticky)" fill my impatient ears and make me want to call off the rain playing forever. Ah, but they have such fun for the 10 minutes or so before that, on especially brave days when I'm not super-tired, I let them go out. (I sure hope my tired-level returns to normal after this baby is born and doesn't stay depleted with the addition of a third child!)

If you can't tell, Carson is trying to copy McKenzie's stance...and I think it's hilarious that he's wearing my flip-flops! McKenzie just came in, saw this picture and with a huge smile said, "Hey, that's me! I'm stickin' my booty out."

I know this isn't a fantastic picture, but I just love it because of that perfect little round cheek. That little backwards 'C' that stays for such a short while before time takes it away - - - why do they have to grow up?!?


On the days it's not raining, we find our own rain. One of our favorite spots is at the mall, where they have big fountains that the kids (and adults!) can run through and play in.
We also love that we have a hose. :) Simple, I know, but it's pretty fun to see how magical it can be to hook up a little sprinkler to the end of it and watch the children play. I definitely need to get pictures of that!

Anyway - my goal this season is to not let the hot summer sun keep us indoors the whole time!


  1. Oh, wow, Linds. I was shocked when I saw that first picture of Carson. It's not like it's been all that long since I've seen a picture of him, but I can't believe that he isn't a baby anymore! He isn't even a toddler! That is one cute kid you have.

    We've been getting TONS of rain here, too! I've loved it. We've had some sun for the last few days, but that is really the first time we've seen ANY sun in all of June! Very not-Utah weather. It's awesome.

  2. Love this- and especially McKenzie's conversation with Michelle- she is SO funny! Do be careful with the scissors- When Briggie was little he almost tried to cut his youknowwhat off one time.

  3. We love the fountains at the mall too--that is a fantastic shot you got. I don't think any of mine are that good.

  4. Oh my Lindsay your kids are just SO cute! Both of them look like they have grown up so much! I hope to come see you soon! I hope you are feeling ok! Please let us know when that baby comes!

  5. Yeah, gotta love water and playing in the rain except when you are at girls camp and that's all it did the whole time like it did for me this week! Coooold stuff!

  6. Oh, and by the way... careful with those fountains. I got a black eye and bloody nose from the ones at the Gateway mall. Good times... :)