Friday, September 7, 2007

Triathlon Training

Something doesn't feel quite right...

Okay, it’s true - we're training for a triathlon. We didn't know much about triathlons when we agreed to do it. Actually, all we really knew was that we'll need to swim for half a mile in the ocean, bike for 12 miles, and then run a 5K. Sure, we can do that!

Well. Our back muscles are sore from swimming, our shoulders are sore from rotating our arms through the water, our eyes are burning from chlorine. Our thighs are achy from biking, our butts are bruised because of the hard bicycle seat, and our calves and feet hurt from running. And yet, we seem to be enjoying ourselves! We've started learning a little more about triathlons - and everything we hear seems to generate the feeling of, "Uh - WHY are we doing this?"

We seem to have it all wrong. We could spend thousands of dollars making everything perfect: getting the perfect bikes, the perfect shoes (separate ones for running and biking, of course...I wasn't even aware that there were shoes specifically made for biking), the perfect attire (consisting of a good, tight swimming suit, leak-free goggles, running clothes, and biking shorts...preferably with thick padding in the rear), and perfect helmets (with optimal air-flow for comfort). I'm sure there are many more things of which I am unaware at this point.

But, we'll have to make do with one pair of mediocre shoes, one set of WalMart brand clothes, $5.00 goggles, old swimming suits (mine dates back to high school - I'm always hesitant to put it in the washer for fear of it falling apart), rusty, old bikes, and basic helmets.

Helmets – I’ve always known I have a relatively small head. So I wasn't surprised when the ‘adult’ helmets didn’t fit. But it was a bit discouraging when the ‘youth’ helmets didn’t even fit. I walked out of WalMart carrying a lightning-bolt helmet with a big “5-Years and up” sticker plastered on the top. I almost made McKenzie carry it for me. I don’t like lightning-bolts on helmets. It makes me feel like I’m supposed to go fast or something. But, it was either that, Barbie or Spiderman…designs are limited when your shopping the 5 year-olds helmet section. Maybe I should have grabbed Spiderman.

I don't have a time goal; I wouldn't really even know what to set it as at this point. My only goal: cross the finish line. Oh, and maybe to not vomit.


  1. You go guys! I am so proud of you! David is training for a marathon right now, and when one of my friends suggested I join him, all I could do was laugh. I do NOT have the mental strength to do anything like that--you are amazing! Love the lightening bolt helmet!

  2. Linds! I'm so excited for your triathlon! I haven't done any this summer, and I really need to get back in shape--Brady and I are supposed to do one in November. Here's one tip: make sure you ride a ROAD bike, not a mountain bike--mountain bikes are much slower and it's discouraging if everyone is passing you because they are on a road bike and you are on a mountain bike (speaking from personal experience). I felt so much better on a road bike when I finally borrowed one. I'm not sure which part I really like best--the bike, swim, or run--let's be honest, it's all hard and tiring, but there's something fun about it anyway! I hope they give you a t-shirt, because that is half my motivation for triathloning.

  3. Yes, but think how awesome it would feel for YOU to pass all those upstarts on your mountain bike:). Just smile sweetly and say "Want to draft off of me?"