Sunday, September 23, 2007

Did You Make Me?

Last night we were on our way to Chapel Hill to visit a friend. The kids were both in their pajamas, the stars were out, and we were talking about the classical music playing on the radio - "Isn't that piano you like this song...that's a violin..." It was an experience that could be added to our small handful of peaceful car rides.

After a few moments of music-filled silence, McKenzie's sweet, soft voice asked, "Mommy? Did you make me, or forever have I been here?"

At first, I felt it was a trick question; but then I realized that it wasn't a trick at all. So I answered, "Heavenly Father made you a very, very long time ago, and you lived with Him. But then, three and a half years ago, Heavenly Father gave you to Daddy and me so you could come and live with us here in our family."

I thought that night, 'How wonderful it is that my testimony has been strengthened throughout my life enough to know how to answer that question with confidence.' Even a three year old wonders where she comes from...

I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for putting me through experiences that have cemented my knowledge of the 'basics', and to Mom and Dad for being there to guide me along the right path when those experiences almost derailed me - so I never again have to ask the question, "Did you make me, or forever have I been here?"

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