Friday, June 30, 2017

Scrambled Thoughts XXI (Catch Up Post)

1) Where did this kid get his fashion sense anyway?

Miles is sporting a great look at his friend, Chelsea's, baptism. The pocket square, the fitted pants, the shoes... he looks so fashionable that I'm thinking there might be hope for our family after all.

2) Poppys are the best pool toys

At first I worried whether or not Poppy was having fun being attacked by all the neighborhood kids. But then I saw his face and he looked just fine.

3) We weren't planning on sleeping out on the sports court in the middle of a school week...

But when the house starts smelling like rotten eggs and you're pretty sure you didn't leave any sitting around anywhere you've got to take precautions. Right after all the children fell asleep in their snug little beds, Brian and I started smelling an intense rotten egg smell coming from the vents on the main level of the house. After a quick google search, Brian called the gas company while I rounded up all of the drowsy children and their bedding and funneled them outside for some fresh air.

Thankfully it was an absolutely gorgeous night and after the initial wave of excitement (and complaining from the teenager about how she was ever going to survive her finals the next day without a proper night of sleep in a regular bed (poor girl)), they all fell asleep quickly while Brian and I waited out front on lawn chairs, chatting and waiting for the gas company to come out and give us the all clear.

Which they did.

It's still a mystery as to where the rotten egg smell came from in the first place.

4) The whole backside of the mountain burned

And it gave us all a pretty helpless feeling. We were driving up to Utah when we passed the smoke and we saw helicopters loaded down with water coming from the lake - little dots in the sky - doing their part to help.  To my eye it didn't look like they could possibly be making much progress on that giant fire. But I suppose, if they truly weren't making much progress they would be asked to stop using their fuel for such a futile purpose. They must have been doing good after all. Life can be like that...

5) Daughters with strong fathers have a better chance in this world. It's a thing.

My girls are lucky that way.

6) Can you even get enough of this face?

I seriously can't.

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