Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Seven Looks Good on You, Miles!

Can you even believe how handsome this kid is?!  He fills me with so much happiness! Not only because he's so handsome to look at, but because he is a spunky, kindhearted goofball too.

The gifts portion of the birthday could not have worked out better for him.  The NBA headband, a basketball, a skateboard, and, arguably the best was the packet of Wii games that we got repaired so he could play them again.

This year we took him out to eat at his absolute favorite: Zupas.

I just love the look on his face in the photos above.  The 'It's My Birthday' face is one of my favorite things.

We also went to the movies at the super nice reclining seats theater.

A few days later we had a friend party.

 A friend party complete with friends and presents...

... a birthday cake picked out by the birthday boy himself (I really outdid myself on that one!)...

...and a trip to the laser tag/mini golf hotspot.

We absolutely love you, Miles! And I'll love you even when you wear that headband that I really, really hate. Happy Birthday!

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