Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Memorial Day - Camping in the Valley of Fire

Don't you wish you could balance tent poles on your head? Yeah. Me neither. But Kenz was excessively proud of herself, so we gave her lots of fake praise.

The Valley of Fire is one of my favorite places to camp. It's different, to be sure, than the mountain camping that I'm used to, but this place has so much magic and charm that I can overlook its lack of green and water.

Can you spot the kids in the picture above? We were so lucky to get a campsite with so many fun places to climb and explore.  We almost didn't see the children after we got there - which was unnerving and awesome at the same time because, lots of danger and lots of freedom.

The rocks have so many cracks and tunnels and pockets for them to climb and explore.

And there are no shortage of rocks, so once they've conquered one, they're on to the next.

It gives them such a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Timothy went straight to work cutting our firewood.

And I don't know what it is about nature, but how sweet it is that everyone seems to get along so well once we are there.

Honestly, I talk about it as if it's the kids who love to climb the rocks, and it is, but I love it too.  I remember as a kid traveling down to St. George and climbing all over the red rocks there. I felt I had died and gone to heaven. I'm sure that's what my kids are feeling when they're doing the same thing.

We had good friends go with us - the Bacons came along with all of their family, and then we had Chandler come along with us. Poor Chandler got sick in the night and threw up all over his sleeping bag and hair. We didn't have much to be able to clean it up with, but he was a good sport and assured us over and over that he felt fine and that it was probably just a result from eating too many s'mores.

A Miles sized hole.

It's taken me a little while to appreciate the desert - and I still feel like I have further to go - but being out in the Valley of Fire sure helps that cause. It is truly beautiful to me.

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