Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Please come stay awhile!

I know, this is so gross.  We find flies in our pool fence all the time and I never really know what to do with them.  I've ignored them and they seem to disappear eventually.  Maybe the birds get them?  Anyway, that has nothing to do with the rest of this post other than the fact that I took that picture while my brother Brian was visiting us.

Speaking of which, my brother Brian came to visit us!

I've always had a special place in my heart for my brother.  He and I seem to be cut from the same mold.  And even though he is five years younger than me (which felt like lifetimes apart when we were children and teens) he and I always seemed to stand together whenever we siblings paired off in the home.  As much as I loved to stand together with him as a child, I love even more standing together with him as an adult.

He is a hilarious person.  Whenever I see a text from him on my phone, I start smiling before I even open it because I know it's going to make me happier than I already was. Plus, he's so kind and thoughtful. Just last week he landed in the emergency room after eating a hidden walnut and felt terrible that he took up a bed for eight hours when the waiting room was so full.  "I had some IV's going," he told me later, "but I'm sure they could have found one of those wheely things to attach them to, and I could have gone out to the waiting room with it."

We had a water balloon fight, and swam in the pool.  And I totally love this picture.  I told Brian to tuck his legs when he jumped.  Nailed it.

A little bit later, the Paxtons came to visit.  And they brought their dog, Molly.  She was the star of the show for the few days and, I have to admit, for not being a dog person she was actually pretty fun for me to have around, too.

We took her everywhere we went, and she was a happy companion.

Timothy fell in love with her and I felt my heart pulling to get a dog just so I could see that sweet happy face.  But then I remembered that they poop.  So I'll have to think about it again.

We took the Paxtons to see the Hoover Dam and snuck Molly along with us.  Apparently you're not really supposed to bring dogs along on the little hike across the bridge.  But we couldn't leave her in the car, of course, and decided that she was small enough to just carry the whole way.

Then my college roommate came to visit.  I hadn't seen Becky in years... like six of them... and it was a breath of fresh air.  I love Becky.

She's the one who taught me how to listen to my own feelings.  She asked me 'why' when I told her I was frustrated, and she asked me 'how' when I told her I wanted to change something about myself.  Truthfully, I probably couldn't have escape my pensive personality in the long run anyway, but Becky was the catalyst who brought it front and center.  It has made my life richer.  Just like she does.

We went to hang out at the Lake Mead Marina - we ate incredibly greasy french fries that tasted amazing, and a delicious turkey, avacado chicken wrap that I've thought about a few times since.  At the end of our three hour lunch, we asked for ice water to fill our waterbottles and ended up with two full waterbottles and four large plastic cups full of water just for the two of us.  "Geez," Becky said as we loaded our arms, "how much water does one person need?!  Where's the bathroom?"

That night we traveled into town to catch a few shows at the Bellagio, which never disappoints.  We watched four shows before we decided, at 11:50pm, that we should probably start making our way back home.

The next morning we took a tour of the Hoover Dam and watched the water from my waterbottle defy gravity.

Becky is such a happy person for me to hang around!

I absolutely love that Vegas is such an easy place to visit and that I have so many wonderful friends and family who are happy and willing to make the trek. Visitors make me happy.

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