Thursday, June 23, 2016

Memorial Day - Cedar Breaks

Before driving all the way back home on Monday, we drove out to Cedar Breaks because we'd heard that it was a thing, and we'd never been there. Well, it is a thing, and it's incredibly beautiful.

I don't usually get in many photos myself, so when Brian offered to take one of me and the kids, I tried to gather as many as I could.  Two of four was all I got. Miles was grumbly and completely uninterested in the whole idea of a picture, and Timothy, while excited at first, stepped into a patch of soft snow right at the base of the wooden post and slammed right into it - hard - while sinking in the snow to his waist. He was obviously upset, so I gathered my other two children and said, "pretend we're all happy!" even though Timothy was screaming in the background and Miles was sulking about being offered the chance to be in a photo.

Eventually everyone calmed down and we tried again.

With much greater success.

The rain and rainclouds in the distance were my favorite. I couldn't stop staring at them.

We explored around the rim of the canyon and found a few hiking trails that were covered in snow. We didn't get very far along them because of said snow but that didn't seem to hamper any of the fun and gave us a good reason to want to come back in the summer.

Snow is so magical. Even when it's old and crusty and dirty, if you're one of my kids.

The rainstorms chased us and we watched them come before finally piling back into the van to drive back home.

I think this is going to have to be a frequent vacation spot for us.

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