Sunday, May 1, 2011

I tried not to laugh...

One late night in college, I lay on my bed staring up into the darkness and talked with my best friend and roommate about things we wanted to remember when we were mothers. She told me of a time when she was young (hope you don't mind me sharing, Becky!) when she found a small bump on her arm. Embarrassed by it, and not sure what it was, she showed it to her mother - who wasn't sure what it was either. Later, her mother's visiting teachers came to the house and Becky was called over to have them examine the small bump.

Becky laughed as she recalled the story and said, "I was mortified that I had to show that bump to them!" I laughed, too, because of the silliness of the situation, but we decided that - when we were mothers - we would always try to make whatever was a big deal to our children, a big deal to us.

I failed the other day when McKenzie started crying frantically from downstairs, "Mom! Come help me - I'm stuck!" I rushed down there to see this:

but instead of being understanding and helping her out, I ran to get my camera. She was quite embarrassed and I think, someday, she may lie in her dorm room and tell her roommate of a time when her mother posted pictures of her embarrassing situation on the internet.

And maybe she, too, will decide that - when she is a mother - she will try to make whatever is a big deal to her children, a big deal to her.

But, then she'll become a mother and...........


  1. I just about choked on my ice cream as I laughed when I saw her picture! It's so true though--sometimes it's really hard to take their concerns seriously, but they ARE important to them. And I'm mortified that you shared that story about ME on the Internet, too! (Just kidding!! :)

  2. I would've done the same thing! That is just to crazy not to get a picture of. She must be crazy flexible to get in that shape.

  3. awww, poor Kinz! (how she managed to hide while in that position is quite impressive ;) he he he

  4. Totally hilarious. I think you did the right thing. After all, I'm sure she got out eventually...

  5. Hahaha! I love this. And she is so cute in her little glasses!

  6. So totally awesome!

    (I can't tell you the number of things I've taken pictures of before I've fixed...)