Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Few Random Things

Thing #1:

Rubber band idea given by my mom this morning after I used this baby, AGAIN, as an eye makeup remover.

Seriously. Once? I'll give myself an allowance for. TWICE? What's wrong with me?! It gets even better: notice that the liquid inside is BLUE this time...it doesn't even look like my eye-makeup remover! And, it was buried underneath all of my nail polish underneath the bathroom sink, whereas my eye makeup remover was easily accessible in the top drawer with my makeup. I'm not sure where the disconnect is happening here - my brain just knows, 'I gotta get it off' and the default is, apparently, nail polish remover. At least I figured it out after only two swipes this time...

Thing #2

I can't find Carson's preschool calendar they sent home for May, and I knew his 'leader day' was coming up sometime soon. On his leader day he is in charge of bringing the snack for the class and I didn't want him to miss out because I had misplaced his calendar. So, I sent a snack to school today with a note explaining the situation and asked the teachers to keep the snack until his leader day and to please send home another calendar. When I went to pick Carson up, his teacher helped him into the van and said to me, "I am so impressed with your preparedness in sending the snack this morning, and for remembering that we were doing a backwards day! Backwards day is actually not until tomorrow, so he can do it again...and there is a new calendar in his bag." I tried not to look confused as I thanked her and gave her a smile. I took a better look at Carson and realized that his shirt was on backwards. A big, bright, bold picture covered his back, and his front was blank with the tag sticking out under his chin.

See, the thing is, I hadn't remembered anything about backwards day, and I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if Carson had left the house with that shirt on backwards...but...maybe not, I guess...hm.

Thing #3 and #4 and #5 and #27894021

What are these things? They are everywhere. Like, really, really everywhere. They crack out of their exoskeletons and leave them lying around on everything - not appreciated by me. I'll bet I swept up at least a hundred this morning on my porch (which is quite, quite small). And, oh, are they ugly!

I went outside this afternoon to try to get a picture of just how invasive they have become, but after snapping this ONE picture looking up at one of the trees (where you can see hundreds of their little exoskeletons), one fell directly on my head and left me screaming and swatting and running for my life. So, this is all I have folks...squint hard and you can see that all those little black dots are grossness -

I wasn't quite as scared taking their pictures when they weren't hanging over my head, but you can be sure I didn't stick around for long -


Someone please tell me they're almost gone...


  1. Thanks for making me laugh:). Marley is into wearing her shirts backwards and I just don't care enough to bend over and switch them around!

    And those bugs- I think they're cicadas, otherwise known as "Katie-dids". Supposedly they only come around every 7 years and then disappear again, so you won't have to see them for a long time...but they do have a cool name, huh?:)

  2. Linds, don't you love what being a mom does to our brains? I remember thinking my mom was such a ditz, and now I know that I am part of the reason for that--and what's more, I'm just like her now.

    Hope those gross bugs go away. YUCK!

  3. Yep, those are cicadas. Kevin said that they were all over the place at one point during his mission in NC. Blech.

    I think you're so funny, Lindsay, and I just love seeing what your family is up to. You're such a good {and real} mom and an example to me!

  4. Hey, I JUST read this story:

    They only come out every 13 years and they ARE nasty looking. And LOUD.

  5. NASTY NASTY looking bugs Linds. I'm sure your family is DYING to come live in NC now! It's funny I use to watch a cartoon with Katie the katie-did and she was cute! NOTHING like the real thing.

    LOVE that Carson had his shirt on backwards and the teacher was so impressed with you. Funny how things like that work out.

    Maybe you should keep the nail polish remover in the linen closet on the top shelf...with a lock on it!

  6. I smiled so many times while reading your recent posts. McKenzie in the chair was hilarious. Poor darling. Totally worth the picture.

    Your bugs however.... are highly disturbing. They're freaking me out. The tree picture??? I would have run screaming too.

  7. he he ho ho HA! (That's me having a really good laugh) If you remember, I think I jumped and cringed and came back in your house as quickly as I saw those lovely creatures the other day . . . Not.a.fan!

    Oh, and good idea with the rubber band. Maybe you should add one of those scary danger faces on the container as extra reminder? ;)

  8. I agree with Jennie, maybe your nail polish remover needs a new home. Or maybe you need more sleep? (Much easier said than done!) Sorry about the ugly bugs--remember the ones that left exoskeletons or wings all over our clothes in our closet in Hawaii? These seem worse, but hopefully they're not in your house and on your clothes (oh, wait, we didn't live IN the house in Hawaii, we lived in the GARAGE!)