Thursday, November 12, 2009


I seriously love October. It's probably my favorite month out of the entire year. December is close - - - really close - - - but I think October takes the trophy. There are so many great things I look forward to each October, and this year proved to be just as wonderful as previous ones. Let's face it...digging into the guts of a pumpkin surrounded by giggly kids, a happy baby, and a pumpkin-seed-loving husband is enough to put a smile on my face anytime.

The giggly kids:

The happy baby:

The pumpkin-seed-loving husband:

The finished products:
McKenzie was extremely proud of her pumpkin. She had me draw the face (according to specific directions), and she cut the whole thing out all by herself. She only lost a couple of teeth, and in the end was ecstatic that one of the remaining teeth ended up being 'wiggly'. She, herself, has a wiggly she felt a sort of kinship with the pumpkin.

More pumpkin fun was had at the pumpkin with Carson's preschool, and another with McKenzie's kindergarten class.

Carson's preschool:

Kenzie's kindergarten:

And, of course, what October post would be complete without Halloween pictures?!? A sweet little witch (who kept trying to be scary) and a couple of darling wizards made me smile all night long. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful October!!!


  1. Lindsay, your kids are just way too cute!

  2. Love all the pictures! I'm with you about October, my favorite month too.

  3. Cute costumes! Did you make them? Your pumpkins turned out great too!

  4. Looks like lots of fun! The witch and wizards are too cute! I'm guessing you made the wizard costumes, and if you did you did an awesome job. Sometimes I wish I had some sewing skills. Miss you!

  5. That miles is such a charmer! I love October too, all the fall-i-ness ;)

  6. What cute costumes--McKenzie is a cute witch. It's so fun to see your kids grow--McKenzie has so many Alder features and your boys are definitely Dodges! But you all look great together :)

  7. I love your cute little family and you are so talented with pictures.

  8. OHHHHHHHH....I wish we could have been there!