Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Want some?

It could be suspected that we starve this child if you focus entirely on his ravenous behavior whenever food is involved. He eats quickly, relatively cleanly, and in massive quantities. Who would have guessed that this tiny human could consume an entire bowl of rice cereal, 6 oz. of formula, and still want to nurse after it all?! We have figured out, however, that this gorging doesn't come without consequence. We made the mistake twice of feeding him until he simply refused more, and the entire night was spent spewing up excess food, and complaining with a restless tummy. You know, fish will eat and eat and eat until they die if there's enough fish-food in the bowl. Anyone else seeing similarities?....

The funniest thing about this is the way he behaves directly after eating so much. He becomes almost immobile, but for the eyes, and you can see the look in his face saying, "Whoa...I ate way too much."
We've since learned the wisdom in the phrase, 'moderation in all things'. :)

On a side note, McKenzie was so tickled that we let her feed him his whole first bowl full of rice. She did awesome - I swear, that girl could almost handle a baby of her own. My boys sure are lucky to have her.

And, of course, so am I. It does seem, however, that with the addition of each child, I get pushed further and further into the background. It might be silly, but the second night Miles ate rice cereal, I waited until the older two were in bed so I could have him all to myself (much less messy!).


  1. Rice cereal? It's Thanksgiving so I think he would have enjoyed Pumpkin Pie! Miss you so much.

  2. Oh yuck. The vomiting child thing is so not pleasant!

  3. It is weird to me he is old enough for that. He still is so small in my mind. Your kids are beautiful. We miss and love you!