Friday, February 20, 2009

Perfect Bar Stools

Three bar stools. Rather perfect for the family we have now. One for McKenzie, one for Carson and one for me. (I don't mean for you to think that Brian isn't 'stool worthy'...but if he happens to be home for a meal, we usually eat it in the dining room; or, he sits on the counter in the kitchen which he says is much more comfortable for him...)

Painting them black has been moving up on my to-do list ever since we moved into the house - because they'd match my kitchen better. But, I've recently become aware of an interesting situation surrounding the stools. Let me first explain that meal-times are never smooth - the kids fight over the bowls, the cups, the spoons, the proportions... ...but I noticed that they never fight over the stools. Can you believe, the kids have developed 'favorites'...and the favorites are DIFFERENT! Ever since I made this discovery a couple of weeks ago, the stools have developed a treasured place in my heart and I quickly adopted the third stool as my own. Allow me to introduce our new friends:

McKenzie's 'Dot Stool'

Carson's 'Stripe Stool'
My 'Nothing Stool'

Every time I see these stools, I smile...because, somehow, Dot, Stripe and Nothing Stool are fueling the development of a unique bond between my kids and me - a bond of familiarity - the kind of familiarity that comes only from really knowing someone. So, perhaps, I won't paint them black after all. I fear I may break two little hearts (and possibly stimulate future contention if one stool develops a universally desirable marking pattern). And, instead of letting the color bother me, I'll let it remind me that I am not an interior decorator...

...I am a mother.


  1. That is so cute Linds! Kids come up with such cute things!

  2. I just love you. I also love your kids AND the barstools in your house.

    And Kenz's earrings are so cute! I'll have to find a time to call her and ask her about them.

  3. Being a mother pretty much trumps it all. It's a good reason for a lot of things. And I'm not an interior decorator either...I think every piece of furniture I own is a different color of "wood". Maybe you could get your kids "dot" and "stripe" plates and cups to match their stools so they wouldn't fight over those :)

  4. I'm surprised that your kids have fallen for different stools. My girls always want the same things. I went to IKEA and bought their cheap kids plates, bowels, cups, and utinsels. LOVE them they were only $1 for a set of 6. I bought 2 of everything and the great part is there are 6 different colors so I just pair them up and give the girls the same color and it has saved a lot of drama for us. But I'm not sure what will happen if we ever have a 3rd child. I love Becky's idea about striped and dotted bowels ect.

  5. Very nice. I think I have the same stools, but I painted mine black. Kind of funny, eh? Our kiddos have their spots at the counter that are designated, and known, and not to be changed around or altered without added stress, but alas, they have not been named, other than by who sits there.

  6. You could always consider painting them black, then adding a white dot to one stool, a white stripe to another, and leave the third one blank. Of course, that may not help much with the idea of making them look better.

    I always love reading your posts. It reminds me what's really important in life, plus they are entertaining:) Congrats, by the way, on having a boy!

  7. What a cute post. I can just imagine Carson and McKinsey as Teenagers claiming their stools. You can't ever paint over them.

  8. Anonymous8:59 PM


    I love reading all your blogs. You are such a great writer. Ever thought of writing a book. You definately have a talent with words and putting them together. Keep up the blogs. Reading them brings much enjoyment to my life. You have such a sweet family, possibly since you are such a sweet Mom.