Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Notice Anything Different?

Do you see it?!?

How about now?!?

And now?!?

Well, she did it! I tried to talk her into it about 2 months ago when I noticed how adorable it was whenever I saw a little girl with cute earrings. I didn't get very far past the "Yeah, it hurts a little" part, however. "Ummmm," she said, "I think I'll do it when I'm 16."

But this week, she started mentioning it on her own and finally started asking, "Mom, can we please go do it NOW?"

After warning her (and warning her, and warning her) about the pain, she was still very serious and giddy about getting it done - so - I agreed to it. From the moment I told her we could do it today, 'till the moment she went to sleep, she has been bouncing off the walls in excitement, chatting our ears off with excitement, skipping and running and dancing with excitement...you get the picture. The only exception to the excitement was about 60 seconds before the earrings went in (when we were marking her ears with the marker), and about 60 seconds after (in which, only two big silent crocodile tears ran down her face as she clung to me for comfort). As soon as she saw those earrings in the mirror, the giddiness returned - and she was so proud of herself!

And, I was so proud of the way she handled herself, too. I was talking to a good friend tonight on the phone who said, "McKenzie's stubbornness sure pays off sometimes," and, she's right! As soon as McKenzie sets her mind up about something, she doesn't let much (if anything) get in her way. She is turning into quite the girly-girl - and I love it! She wants to wear dresses, and enjoys getting her hair done up. She's thrilled by nail-polish, and has such fun dressing up...this ear piercing thing is right up her alley. :)


  1. Yay!!!! That is awsome! What a big brave girl! Emma just did the same thing. Both lily and emma have them done. The only thing is that you have to keep them SOOO clean. Lily got so infected. I almost took them out and started over. But now she can put in earings herself and loved having them. Emma isn't that excited about getting them clean, but she still loved them! We are very proud of her! How fun!!!

  2. How fun! I remember when I finally got my ears pierced. I was so excited and I love it. I am so glad that she is so excited about them.

  3. Her face says it all!

  4. Well don't let her talk to Abby because I am NOT prepared to let Abby do this. I have no idea why... I had mine pierced when I was about 10, but I just don't want to go there yet. Abby begs me often. Maybe I should give in. I've told her about the pain, which has held her off so far. Well McKenzie if very brave and they look great!

  5. She's such a pretty girl, and brave!

  6. Anonymous6:07 PM

    that is so cool that you didn't force her. I was with Celena and a friend and we saw this family holding this little girl down to get her ears pierced and they were totally ignoring this other child who was about 6 months. Long story short, they forced her to do something that she didn't want done. It was horrible.