Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving thoughts and pie problems

This Thanksgiving was SO great - my sister Michelle came to celebrate it with us, and it made it the best ever. We made a FANTASTIC trial-run pumpkin pie the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and I was pretty excited to discover my unrealized pie-making potential. :) I awoke early on Thursday morning to prepare the pie crust dough so it could sit in the fridge for an hour while we went to watch Brian play football in the ward Turkey would have been much more fun had the kids actually enjoyed it - but as it was, they cried most of the time, forcing Michelle and I to return home a little earlier than planned. McKenzie was in HEAVEN as she helped us roll the chilled pie-crust dough, and she was tickled that I was actually going to let her play in the flour! (See the pictures below)

We finished the pumpkin pie and also made a lemon meringue to take to our Thanksgiving dinner.

After the wonderful meal, I was so excited to bite into my pumpkin pie...(we had already devoured the other pie in just two days)...but after the first bite I thought, "Hmmmm...this tastes a little weird." I took another bite and unconsciously wrinkled my nose, "No...this is DISGUSTING!" I quickly sifted through the memories of my pie-making that morning to see if I could figure out the problem.

Sugar. The brown sugar bag sat untouched as I made the filling. Let me give you a quick bit of advice...DON'T FORGET THE SUGAR! Whoops. I thought it was a funny color coming out of the oven. Oh well - at least the meringue turned out well.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like you all had a really nice one. Hey just think you were trying to keep everyone on there toes with the pie. Love all the pictures. I was trying to add to my blog the other day but my computer crashed. Love all the stuff you share with us. :)

  2. Oh no! If you'd smothered it with enough whipped cream I bet no one would have noticed:). It looks like you guys had so much fun-wish we could have been there!