Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dang Dishes

Okay, it's no secret: I hate doing the dishes. That is why, on days like today when my husband has been gone for two days, the cupboards are empty and the sink is full. There are two reasons that Brian's absence makes this so - number one: he does a fair amount of the dishes, and number two: I try to do better keeping them clean when he's around because he cares a little more than I do about whether we're eating green beans with knives, or soup with baby spoons.

The utensils drawer has been empty now for over a day, so we've been making do with what we can. We have a plethora of baby spoons that are saved for such occasions (because Carson will never succumb to eating only one mouthful of food at a time), so I whipped out the last three of those to eat our pancakes with tonight. About halfway through the dinner, McKenzie gave a frustrated little grunt and said, "Mom, this is just not working." I looked over at her trying to balance a normal piece of pancake on the tiny spoon and realized that she's probably right.

"Ummmm...." I tried to think of a solution..... "OH!" I said. We could stab our pancakes with toothpicks! "I have a great idea!" And I jumped to my feet.
I heard an excited little gasp come from McKenzie that made me turn and look at her. Her eyes were wide with excitement, and her mouth was open in a big smile as she said, "You could do the dishes!"

I laughed out loud for about twenty minutes after that. And even now, remembering her face, I'm typing through bursts of giggles. Maybe she's right... Maybe I should just do the dang dishes.


  1. That is so funny. I'm glad to know you are not a perfect housekeeper Linds. And dang, McKenzie is smart (and right!).

  2. that makes me laugh to think of you thinking of so many ways to avoid dishes! And I can just imagine Brian walking in the door and you saying, "Welcome home dear! We're so glad you're back so we can have clean dishes again!" But I don't like dishes either, and I only have two people to keep up with right now.

  3. Why don't you just pull the dirty utensils out of the sink like Brian does? Just kidding:) Why is it that this is my favorite blog to read even though I see you almost every day?

  4. Don't worry Lindsay, I do the same thing. The other night we all eat with baby stuff! I HATE doing the dishes as well. You are not alone!!!! :)

  5. Okay, so I've decided that dishes are just the bane of any woman's existence. Okay, that and laundry. I am right there with you. I can't tell you how many times this week I have told Katherine she can't drink her milk downstairs because her sippy cups were dirty. At one point she got really excited and said, "I know Mom! We can use my water cup!" She has a sippy in her room of water for when she goes to sleep. It amazes me how children can come up with their own solutions without being prompted. But McKenzie just cracks me up. What a smart little girl! I look forward to getting her and Katherine together at Christmas.

  6. K... see these stories were funny before, but now that I feel like I actually KNOW your kids, they are even funnier!

    Just so you know... I got home from NC and walked in my apartment to see almost every dish we own filling the sink and spreading across the counter. Great. So finally someone did the dishes... 2 days later, what happens? Same thing! We've been fighting a loosing battle since we moved in this apartment. Finally yesterday I snapped and did what I've been threatening to do for quite a while. I boxed up all of our dishes. I left one bowl, one plate, one glass, and one fork, spoon, and knife for each roommate, but the rest of them are gone. Now... if someone doesn't do their dishes... she has no way to eat more food. And yes- we've had one beautiful day of a clean kitchen. :)

  7. lindsay i got your blog from ambers, i hope that was okay. I love this entry though because it sounds so much like my clean dishes to be seen anywhere and stacks upon stacks in the sink and surrounding counters...too fun!