Sunday, October 14, 2007

We've Got a Lot of Growing to Do


Time is a funny thing to me. Sometimes we want it to move along quickly, and other times we want it to stand still forever. Yet, it's never in a hurry - and it doesn't ever dawdle. Time is consistently regular, so unchanging. Perhaps this is why I take so many pictures, and spend so much time capturing little moments of time in scrapbooks and journals.

Someday, those shoes won't look so ridiculously cute on McKenzie's feet. Someday Carson might even fill them. I hope to always remember, through the sleepless nights and cranky kid phases, to cherish the good and learn from the bad, and to never wish away the time - so that the memories I'm making now, through these years when my kids are young, will be some of the best memories of my life.


  1. Your blog is pretty. You can so add me to your blog because I added you to mine. BBFF (Best Blogger Friends Forever) I like your potential home list. I may have to steal that.

  2. Linds - there are times that I'm almost brought to tears by your profound thoughts. I know that sounds totally cheesy, but it's true. I miss our talks a lot. There are times that what you write are totally what I'm thinking. Thanks for being so open. I love you Lindsay.