Sunday, October 21, 2007

Emerald Isle

I could never spend too much time at the beach - provided with enough sunscreen, that is.

We sadly managed to escape without a single family picture - whoops! But we DO have individual pictures - so that'll have to do:

This might be one of my favorite pictures of Brian! It's completely candid...but looks so posed!

The kids were in love with Popsicles the whole time we were there. (Who isn't in love with Popsicles?)

The high winds made the waves SO fun for the kids to play in! There was a thick layer of foam left on the sand each time a wave would drag back into the ocean - McKenzie loved to stomp on all the bubbles!

Group Shots

I have decided that sand is a messy boy's dream.

McKenzie wrote her name in the sand - all by herself!

The last day at the beach is always the nicest...

Waving goodbye to the dolphins

The End

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  1. You guys always look like you have so much fun at the beach. Thank you for sharing your pictures. They are really fun to look at it!