Sunday, October 21, 2007

Triathlon Traumas

- This is what the ocean was supposed to look like on Saturday morning -

But, unfortunately, the ocean was NOT like this the morning of the triathlon. It wasn't much better than the pictures I shared in the previous post. The coast guard seemed to share my concerns and, much to my dismay, canceled the swim just one hour before the race began.

My dream of being a triathlete must be satisfied by being a duathlete for now!

The swim would have been my strongest event, followed by the bike, and then - trailing dead last and far behind - the dreaded run. The scheduled order of the triathlon events followed this path, and I was pleased with that. I knew it would be easier to 'keep up' than to 'catch up'. Consequently, it felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me when they announced that the swim was canceled...and then my stomach was stomped on when they added that the run would be first. Just like that, my previous determination to 'keep up' in the run was forced to change into 'catch up' with the bike.

Well, I ended up coming in 10th out of 23 for my age group...and I ran the 5K and biked the 12 miles faster than I ever had before. I guess that's not horrible for someone who couldn't even run a mile 5 months ago! And, the most important thing, I did it! I did it as completely as I was allowed. Oh yeah - and I didn't vomit. :)

For my more skeptical friends - here's the proof!

Getting ready!

Coming back from the run...does my face show any signs of 'fun' in the first picture? Nope...I don't see it either. In fact, I wasn't having any fun - PAIN would be the correct word here!

Leaving and coming back from the bike. Thankfully, I remembered my lightning bolt helmet (the first picture is so blurry because I'm moving at lightning bolt speed)! I did start to have fun about 4 miles into the bike ride after I'd recovered from the run a bit. I caught myself smiling a couple of times. :)

The athletes and our support group - WE DID IT!!!!

Triathlon Slideshow - click on the speaker in the bottom left corner to be serenaded while you watch!


  1. Congratulations Linds! I'm glad you didn't drown--but I am with you on the preferred order of events, with running being my least favorite!

  2. Awesome job Linds! I know I couldn't have done it. I'm impressed. And I'm glad that you didn't drown. I was worried about you!

  3. You are amazing!!! Way to go! How did the others do? Who watched your kids?

  4. That is great! I am very happy for you. I know that I would have never done it!

  5. Dang, my bike looks good. You are a tough chick, Linds. I was perfectly content being at the house with the rugrats! :)

    Oh, feel free to link to my blog, but expect the same in return!!

  6. Everyone did great! Katie came in 8th in our age group (about 3 minutes ahead of me); Cami came in 4th in her age group (about 2 minutes ahead of me); Eric came in 1st in his age group (he even won a medal!); and I'm not sure what place Paul, Merrill and the Fowlers came in...but they were all quick, too!

    Brian and Megan brought all the 'older' kids to the transition area to cheer us on, and we left the babies home with the Sewells and Draughons. I think they all had just as hard of a job as we did!

  7. So when are we getting back in the pool? Gotta get ready for spring season:). I thought that was a very intimidating race, and you did AWESOME!!! By any standards, but especially considering it was your first race ever. I love the picture of you on the bike. Now we just have to get you some spandex shorts:)

  8. You're amazing! I'm so impressed! When do you find time to train?

  9. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Lindsay, what a great slideshow! I had wondered all weekend how all you athletes had done, so I *loved* seeing all of the pictures!!