Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April Harvest

 Between Miami and Hawaii, my eyes just about exploded with beauty this month.  It was nearly impossible to narrow it down - so a few extra pictures snuck in this month.  Be on the lookout for a few of these to show up in posts of their own soon... because, you know, it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes an additional hundred words in print can make it even better.
1 - Sunset over the harbor.

2 - Ft. Lauderdale temple open house.  Incredible to take my little kiddos through this beautiful building!
3 - Old graveyard Brian and I stumbled across
4 - Beautiful color
5 - One of my favorite things about the ocean - the way the sun glints off the ripples on a calm day.
6 - Long morning shadows
7 - Clouds.  Trees. Beautiful.
8 - Divine maker...
9 - Everglades
10 - Hawaii Temple.  It seemed to glow in the stormy morning light.

11 - My beautiful sister-in-law Heidi was feeling especially brave and asked me to take her engagement photos in Hawaii.  We found this old trashy building and I fell in love with the way the pictures came out of it. 

12 - Funny sea creature that was pulled off the rock. It may have died afterwards...
13 - Old gnarly tree.
14 - Breathtaking.  The sky, the clouds, the waves, the rocks... a heaven to me.
15 - My love
16 - Beautiful baby on Easter morn. 
17 - Perfect hole barreled through the rock.
18 - Sigh.  I think I can still smell that thing.
19 - Awesome lights in the Polynesian Cultural Center
20 - Ocean spray

21 - Heidi's wedding was beautiful - she looked gorgeous, and all the accessories were perfect.

22 - Goat island.  My favorite spot in Hawaii so far.
23 - A new friend
24 - Precision
25 - More glinting sunlight
26 - Easter egg dying... take a look at that color dripping off of the egg!  Dreamy.
27 - Walking across a coral barrier under a beautiful sky.  Hawaii, I love you..
28 - Rays
29 - Potential
30 - Texture

31 - Pearl Harbor.  Beautiful in so many ways.

32 - I'm a sucker for a good reflection.


  1. Linds, your photography is so beautiful! And, I'm jealous that you have gone back to Hawaii (twice now) without me. Am I remembering the same Goat Island (or am I mixing up places?) Congratulations to Brian's sister!

    1. Yep, the very same one. I thought about you SO MUCH while I was there this time! I tried to text at least 4 different pictures to you while I was there, but my phone is having issues and won't let me send photos at all (still trying to figure it out). It made me miss you so terribly! We went to goat island, skydiving, and Brian and I even found 'our bench'. Many happy ice cream memories on that bench with you. :) Next time, you'll have to come with us!

  2. I agree- and that piano picture is so awesome! Will you post a pic of Heidi in her wedding dress? Can't wait to start seeing the desert pics....