Monday, June 24, 2013

The Man

Don't know if you've noticed, but we've been at this schooling thing for quite a while now.  Medical school, internship, residency, chief residency... he's done it all and he's done it so perfectly.

Now, I suppose the word perfectly is a little weighted... and I suppose it can mean different things to different people.  But, for me, the definition of 'perfectly' in this instance has nothing to do with a lack of mistakes, and everything to do with balance. 

And he is a balance master.  Giving his demanding job as much as he needs to, and still having so much left to give to me and our kids.

This man is my life.  He makes us laugh, keeps us loose, and can tackle a sink full of dirty dishes or wrangle four children into bed with the best of them.  And... he also cuts into eyeballs.

I am so, so proud to have him by my side.  (Even if I won't snuggle up to him on an operating day while he's still wearing his scrubs... what if there are, gulp, eye juices on them or something?)  Congratulations, my love, on a job well done.  You're the best eye-sight saver I know.

You should have your picture on a Wall of Fame or something.... oh hey!  Look at that.

You know, I've been thinking a little as I sit here in my very favorite rocking chair tonight surrounded by cardboard boxes.  The whole house is filled with boxes, actually, and my heart sinks a little when I think about tomorrow night.  Because tomorrow night this favorite rocking chair will not be here in my favorite room.  Instead, it will be sitting on a moving truck - crammed in with all of our other furniture.  And all of our other belongings.  We'll drive away from this home that we love.  This place that we love.  These people that we love.  We'll drive away from the fireflies and the tree-lined freeways.  From the squirrels and the Carolina rain falls.

My roots run deep here.
So deep that saving most of them is impossible.
They must be cut.
And, oh, how it hurts.

But... this man.  This handsome, caring, goofy man will come with me.

And that makes it so, so much better.

I'm proud of you, Bri!  Thanks for graduating.
Now, how about one more year of schooling?


  1. Congrats to you! and I mean you not Brian. I can't imagine the sacrifice and support it takes to still be in school. I remember when my husband finished law school which is only three years, and I cried. I cried because I reflected on what it took -so much of me to support him (I worked to pay for life the whole time), and I cried for joy it was over. These pictures of him in his element are something I'm sure you'll treasure!

  2. Yes, I give you a lot of credit as well, Linds. Having been in the "school life" for a few years now, and with a few more to go, I have more understanding when men get awards and give their acceptance speech and say "I'd like to thank my wife for all her support" because I realize how much the family has to sacrifice and do to make it all happen. You are amazing. And Brian's pretty great, too. (If I ever need my eye balls cut into, I might call....)

  3. Awwwww! Those pictures are so fantastic! Will you come take pictures of Jeff posing in the radiology reading room? Congratulations to Brian and to you for being awesome! Good luck on your move and on the next chapter!

  4. Congrats Brian! My heart is aching for you this week. I hope Florida is ready for the hurricane of awesomeness that is heading its way.

  5. Lindsay!! Those are positively the most awesome graduation pictures I have EVER seen! What a way to celebrate this momentous (and monumental) occasion. I feel blessed that you guys landed in our neck of the woods for these years & can't wait to come see you in Miami! ;)

    Oh--and congrats to Brian. You are awesome. And it's excellent that you can cut into eyeballs when necessary too.

  6. Congratulations Brian...we are very proud of you! Proud not only for your success as a doctor but for your success as a husband and father too. We are also proud of you Lindsay for the incredible daughter, wife and mother that you are. We love you both so much!

  7. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Congrats Brian. Don't feel bad about graduating at age 33 because Cory was almost 37 when he graduated with his Bachelors and has 1 more year to get his masters. He will be 39 when he gets his masters. I am tired.

    Good Luck on your last year Brian

  8. I love the pictures. They are fantastic and so emotional. I hope you are happy with your one year in beach bliss. Good luck on your move.

    Did you (gulp) chop your hair? It looks like you might have. If you did, I want to see a full frame of it. Lindsay with out long hair is something I HAVE to see!

  9. I totally love the pictures! Way to go on this great accomplishment and best of luck on your next step!

  10. Congrats! I have to say my favorite line was "and he cuts into eyeballs". Had me laughing.

  11. What a great post! Love that you took the time to document Brian in HIS world and celebrating our husbands. I'm feeling sad now that I don't have a single picture of Chris when he was at McKinsey or at Duke. Good luck in Florida and kiss that cute baby for me! -Lizzy

  12. So exciting! Congrats to both of you!!