Monday, June 17, 2013


This little man is perfect.  Kissable, chunky cheeks.  Free smiles.  Giggles at nothing in particular.  In fact, today I was cutting up some apple slices for the kids' lunch and, after hearing baby giggles from across the island, I looked up and found that he was just sitting in Kenzie's lap, staring at me.  When our eyes locked, it sent him into another round of giggles.  The kids and I laughed back and we all spent the next several seconds laughing together.

To an outsider's eyes, it might have been strange to see such a mundane task such as slicing up apples turn into a giggling fit... but to me, it made perfect sense.  That is who TK is.  That, among other things, is what he has brought into this family.


And so... so... so much love.

I sat in the pew at church on the Sunday that Brian blessed this sweet little baby and listened to his beautiful words.  Even though I can't see heaven, and even though I can't see my Heavenly Father who lives there, I believe He still communicates with us... in fact, I know it.  I've felt that communication several times myself, and I believe that the communication that flows from Heaven down to a worthy priesthood holder in the act of performing a blessing can be one of the clearest signals available to us.  So, with these beliefs, listening to the words of a priesthood blessing has always been a sort of window to the heavens for me.  A chance to hear what the Lord has to say... and what He had to say about Timothy was: Love. 

How much love he has brought into our home.
How much love his parents and siblings have for him (happily, Miles now falls into this category!).
How, as he grows, he will have a gift in being able to share his love for others.
And, perhaps most importantly, to share the love of the Savior to others as well.

And I realized, as I listened to that blessing, that I was smiling and slowly nodding my head... yes, I thought, that's true.  You are so sweet.  So beautiful.  And so loving.  

Timothy, I can't wait to see who you grow up to be. 
Actually, I can wait a little.
Because I have a feeling you won't let me kiss those chubby cheeks forever...


  1. That Timothy is definitely a sweet one. Hope he lets you love on and snuggle him for many years to come!

  2. I love the picture of him giggling and you smiling. And I love his chubby cheeks. I wish I could pick him up and squeeze him. Oh, how I love babies. And I'm glad he has added so much love to your family--and has won Miles over, too :)

  3. He is the most gorgeous thing Linds. Wish I had been there to take notes for you:).

  4. Lindsay, he is absolutely adorable. I want to squish and kiss those cheeks too! So cute! And I'm so glad he is happy. You deserve a happy, giggly baby after this past winter!

  5. What a cute sweet little man he is! I wish I could hold and love on him.

  6. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Such a cute, adorable, sweet baby boy.