Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guess Who's Out of the ICU

Everyone!  The answer is everyone!  Our whole family!  No one is in the ICU! Seems a little odd to feel triumphant about that, but at the rate we're going we need to celebrate the small victories here.  Too bad I'm not in this photo so you can see that I'm not quite as scary-looking as I was yesterday.  I showered - that helped.  I slept - that helped too.  I took a walk and ate some popcorn and put on my Topsail Island T-shirt (which always makes me happy) and when I came back to the hospital this morning, Timothy had been fed and was resting peacefully in his bed - that helped the most.  Hooray!  And then, this afternoon, we were moved out of the ICU onto the floor where I have my own bed (no more sleeping in hospital chairs!) and Timothy has a little bassinet.

The kids came to say hi tonight and it was awesome.  McKenzie wasted no time in gathering Timothy into her arms.

She has been so worried about him.  Even before we went into the hospital, she was the one suggesting that we go.  I don't think he's breathing very well mom.  Mom, he's not moving very much...  we should have listened to her much earlier.

The boys wasted no time getting familiar with the moving bed.

Good thing they had so much fun because those beds have eaten up all of our Disney money.  (Who am I kidding?  We may still be able to find some somewhere... we will be living in Florida, after all!)

I'm not sure why this one was so terribly hard for me... Of course, it was a hard situation to begin with, but I think that maybe I'm still so raw emotionally from the last two months of 
along with all the other things that make life life 
issues that have been going on that I was just plain empty.  I just couldn't handle another difficult situation with grace.  So I didn't.  And... I think that's okay sometimes, too.  Really, I think I'm ready for a year-long vacation to the beach.  How about Miami?

I may feel like I've been dragged through an ocean of mud, but I'm standing on land again and washing the last of the mud chunks out of my hair.  Hopefully there is no more mud for a while... but if there is we'll just have to swim through that, too.

Timothy is very close to breathing only room air now.  And he just gave me a smile so big it made me laugh out loud.  What a great way to end the day.  Maybe we'll be able to go home tomorrow...


  1. Oh hooray hooray hooray! That's the best news I've heard all day!! I have wondered and worried about both of you and it's nice to know.

    PS--I haven't handled much of my last year with grace. And I think you totally deserve a year at the beach. :)

  2. So, so glad:) And, if it's any consolation...your hair yesterday is what I try to get my hair to look like on a good day.

    Also, if we can live near each other, at least we can both live near the beach!

  3. Hooray for no more NICU and for eating and for breathing room air (almost) and for getting your whole family in one room at the same time!

    Fortunately, His grace is sufficient for all (so when you can't muster enough grace on your own it's no problem).


  4. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Oh, good, I've been so worried for you--and maybe I've been eating more to compensate for little Timothy's forced fasting. I found myself lamenting his 30-hour fast (or longer?) to the doctor at Annie's check up today.
    I looked at the first picture and thought it was you holding Timothy, and I figured McKenzie was in school, or something. Then, when you said you weren't in the photo, I looked closer and noticed it was McKenzie!

  5. Oh Linds,
    I remember when Brielle was hospitalized for pneumonia at 3 months and I cried and it was so hard and I didn't even have anything else to deal with. I am so sorry and I am so happy he is getting better. I hope your year long vacation in Miami gives you the much needed break that your sweet family needs. We love you!