Friday, June 27, 2008

Be Prepared to Ooooooh and Aaaaaaah!

Bathroom Before:
Who knew that removing old, gross, stained lynolium, ripping out a urine-smelling vanity, replacing some soft floorboards, fixing major holes in the walls, adding fresh paint and buying new accessories could be so fulfilling! That's what we've been doing the past two weeks to the old bathroom pictured above.

First, Carson helped Daddy with the plumbing (you can't really see Brian's face in there...but trust me, he was pulling some nasty faces as he tried not to think about the smells being harbored in those cupboards!)

After lugging out the old vanity and pulling up the toilet, we had some very, very, VERY good friends spend a couple of days down on their hands and knees, helping us rip out the old lynolium, replace rotted floorboards, and lay tile. (Thanks, Becks! - I wish I had pictures of you!)

After the tile was laid, I spent the next couple of days working on the 5 major holes in the drywall, and painting the old moldings.

And, after a couple weeks of hard work, we have a beautiful, new bathroom!


  1. Wow - it looks amazing! Nice work everyone :)

  2. My first thought: I don't want to know how the smell of urine got into that vanity.

    My second thought: I think I know. Little boys.

    Twenty years from now, I fear that some cute young couple will be making nasty faces while renovating my kids' bathroom!

  3. WOW--I *LOVE* your tile! Now I know who to call next time I'm tiling! ;)

  4. Beautiful! Well done ;)

  5. Lindsay - that's gorgeous! You must be so proud! Well done! :)

  6. Wow! That looks AMAZING! Awesome job! I think that re-doing a bathroom is harder than actually building one. I think you need to come help me pick colors for my house. That looks awesome together. Congrats on the new bathroom. Totally "Stellar" work!

  7. Um, can I join y'all on your next traveling adventure? Good grief, I had no idea y'all were having so much fun. Sweet!
    Bathroom re-do looks awesome! Nice job! We laid tile recently too, not my favorite job but worth it!!
    I can't believe Bryan has graduated already. Where does time go?
    Glad y'all are doing so well!!

  8. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I think that the tile looks especially nice : ) I told you you don't need design help- look how beautiful your whole house has turned out!!!