Monday, July 19, 2021

Brian's Birthday

 It's not every day your favorite person turns 41. 

Forty-one. It wasn't all that long ago that my parents turned 41... and boy did that seem old. Which leaves me wondering... does the idea of inflation also somehow apply to years lived? It just doesn't seem like one year has quite the same value today as it did when I was a teenager.

Regardless of how fast the years seem to be going or how young 41 seems today as opposed to how old it seemed in days gone by, Brian has packed his 41 years with so much good. 

One of my favorite things about him is his ability to make light of uncomfortable or heavy situations. He is an embodied 'diffuse button' and I'm not sure he even knows quite what it feels like to be stuck in an awkward situation because he just doesn't get stuck. There's always a path out, there's always humor, and he can almost always find it to the relief of all involved.

We were all ready and waiting for him to come home from work and let us love on him. And it just so happened that it was the most beautiful evening. We love being in Vegas through the long springtime. He and the kids played twenty-one, the current favorite basketball game, and played with Maisy.

And played with Maisy.

And played with Maisy.

And played with Maisy.

And played with Maisy.

Soon, the grill was fired up, and the kabobs the kids and I had prepared were sizzling.

Shrimp. Sausage. Pineapple. Onion. The kabobs were deluxe and delicious.

Brian has an energy about him that is impossible to describe. You have to feel it. When he walks into the house I can be anywhere inside it and the ripples of his energy will find me long before I see him. He is fun, and intense, and the smartest person I know. He is observant and perceptive and loves nothing more than to help and serve his family. He is kind and compassionate and is leaving me in the dust when it comes to developing humility. He is grounded and efficient and good at reading people and situations quickly and accurately. He is curious and beautiful and I love him with my whole heart. 

Happy Birthday, Brian!

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