Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Priesthood

One of my favorite things throughout this pandemic has been watching my home turn again and again into Sacred Space. I mean, we do strive to keep our home a place where the Spirit always feels welcome, and I do feel like we have done well enough with that for the most part, but things feel different when we’re performing actual ordinances in our home... things that have traditionally only been done in church houses. The feelings of the Divine get thicker. Like when we bless the sacrament, for example. Or on this extra special day when Miles was ordained a Deacon and received the priesthood. 

He carried his own chair from our own kitchen table into our own living room. Which felt pretty beautiful and significant to me.

And then we sat together as a family on our own couches and listened as one (extremely handsome) righteous, priesthood-holding man passed the priesthood on to his boy. (And, while we're speaking of looks parenthetically, does anyone else see that Miles cloned Brian's face?!)

As I watched this happen it occurred to me in a deeper way just how limitless the priesthood is. Like a burning candle that gives fire to every new wick brought into its flame without being diminished of its own, the priesthood is passed and expanded. Though something is given, nothing is taken.

So now I have three priesthood holders in my home.

I am so grateful that they have the opportunity to be stewards of God's power. They get to learn how to use it to bless the lives of others. They get to have it settle within them and strengthen their own testimonies. They need it.

I'm so proud of you, Miles. Live worthy of this power and remember that it is given to you to bless the lives of others. Study the women around you who act with kindness and compassion and who give so much of themselves to the others in their lives. This is what the priesthood can help you develop in your own. Watch the men around you who magnify their own priesthood responsibilities, and then set these righteous women and men as examples of how. to. be. 

The priesthood is God's power. He's given it to you and He trusts you to use it well. And as you start on this path of discovering what that even means, know that I am here loving you, supporting you, and sustaining you along every brand new step you take.


  1. How can he be 12?? I still remember when he was a napping baby (oh how I was jealous of those beautiful naps!) like it was yesterday!

    1. He really was the very best napper!