Sunday, August 13, 2017

Girls Trip to Imperial Beach (Catch Up Post)

Right after we got back from the family vacation at Oceanside, The girls and I hopped right back in the van and drove back out to Imperial Beach with my friend, Alycia, and her girls. It was a girls vacation full of fun, games, food and relaxing beach time. And I was so happy to be able to spend a few days with my favorite girls.

It so interesting to parent a teenage daughter right alongside a baby one. The both fill me so completely in different ways. McKenzie was an absolute joy to hang out with. She is turning into a great friend and someone with whom I can slog through some of life's problems.

And Eliza was pulling out all of the greatest emotions from my heart. Emotions all rising from unconditional love. She was just. so. cute and left smiles in her wake wherever we went.

We stayed in a little two bedroom town-house that was perfect for our needs. We stayed out late on the beach and then played games well into the night. One day for lunch we decided to walk to the restaurant at the end of the pier and try out their seafood. Most of us got the clam chowder, and it was delicious.

We explored the small town and enjoyed the interesting things to see.

But mostly we just hung out together.

And worked on our selfie taking skills (to which there is added a new layer of complexity when a baby is involved).

We are blessed to have great friends here in Boulder City. Friends to travel with, friends to laugh with, friends to beach with.

Thanks for the great idea, Calverts!

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