Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Joining the Smart World - Phone Dump I

It's true.  We've joined the smart phone world and we are not looking back.  Why did no one ever tell me how awesome it is to have a camera with me all. the. time?!  (Okay, so several of you actually did tell me that, but I guess it's one of those things that I just had to figure out for myself.)  Anyway - we're loving it... me for the ease of taking pictures and sharing them instantly, and Brian for about a million and seven reasons.  That man is addicted to electronics, I tell you.  And, fun for me, he's pulling McKenzie in with him.

Anyway - here are little bits of our lives from my phone's point of view.  These are all from the area around 'Daddy's apartment'.

*Daily Rain, Day Moons, and Thick Blades of Grass
*Pretty white birds, drops of dew, and Carson perfecting his lizard catching skills
*Pathways of brick, fountains, and a little autumn.

There isn't much to do at Daddy's apartment, so after we finish our school work (and sometimes before) we:

have a lot of dance parties,

and build a lot of forts.

*We go to the pool, (sometimes) sleep in, and have Carson read to us (because he's getting better and better and better with the practice (go Carson!)).  
*We smell the flowers, frown at Timothy because it makes him frown back at us, and allow for lots of nap times.
*We run, do exercise, and practice our sitting skills.

One afternoon I strapped the baby in the stroller and we went out in search of interesting things to photograph.  The only rules I gave the kids were that they had to be gentle with my phone, and that if they were asked to be in a photo from a sibling then they had to do it happily. 

Turns out that I like Carson's photography eye better than my own.  (Middle row of pictures are his.) Every time he and I took a picture of the same thing, I'd end up liking his picture better. Isn't it so fun when you discover another talent in one of your kids?  I feel like these kids are full of diamonds that are just waiting to be uncovered... and I get to be there for it all.  Being a Mother is so rewarding that way.


  1. My sam is constantly taking pictures too. I ended up giving him an old little digital camera we had. He has been so good with it and fills up his memory card in a matter of minutes sometimes. It is also so fun to find a shared interest- especially with a boy who mostly likes sports and tools and stuff he shares with Dad.

  2. These are amazing! I really, truly believe that children are the best artists. I stared at the top left leaf picture for a long time wondering what filter you had used to make it so GREEN.....then, sadly, I realized that it's just a Florida leaf. No filter is ever going to make a California leaf look that green:(.

  3. So cool! I've been a fan of having a camera with me all the time for years...but I'm still not sure about making the switch from my dumb phone. I was just thinking as I looked at these pictures how much I'm loving your magical year...

    (I wish I knew where the urge to take pictures came from. How is that some people have it so strongly, and others not at all?)

  4. I love the creativity you have and the ways in which you can enjoy life with such simple things--like dancing, forts, and photo hunts. What a great adventure you a having!