Monday, October 1, 2012

Scrambled Thoughts V (part 2)

4. If you're going to use green apple scented Swave shampoo as your bubble bath, you do not need to empty a quarter of the bottle into the running water...

...even if you're filling up Nana's gigantic bathtub.  Apparently knowing the ratio of water to bubble bath soap is not one of those things that comes along with a mother's intuition.  At least for me... ahem.  The water level only reached about halfway up the sides of the bathtub before it was clear that any more water would result in bubbles streaming and seeping over the sides of the tub (clean floor!).  Consequently, this bath session became all about fun and not about getting clean since a shower was necessary afterwards.

But... I think we all agreed that it was most definitely worth it.

5. If you've ever wanted to lie on a giant waterbed out in the middle of your front lawn, I know the secret.

All you need is a giant plastic tarp, a roll of duct tape, a hose, and some crazy people to put it all together.

 (I know, I know... the exposure hurts your eyes on this one.  Sorry.  But their faces are just too cute to delete.)  Use the duct tape to makes sure all sides are sealed tightly.  Waterproof tightly.  But, make sure to leave a little hole on the last side to insert the hose into.

Fill it up, tape off the small opening, and enjoy!

Warning:  Once you let the kids walk on it, it will start to puncture smallish holes all over (or biggish holes, depending on the size of the foot that goes through).  But, don't worry about that, because it kind of makes it more fun that way, anyway.

 6.  If you have an uncle who will let you push him over again and again, then you have a cool uncle.

At least, if you're Miles.  Especially if your uncle lets you push him over outside on the hard pavement. 

7.  If one hand is around a delicious homemade roll, and the other hand is around a golden retriever...

...and if that golden retriever starts eying that roll... may want to move one of your hands.  Preferrably the one with the roll.  Otherwise... may end up disappointed. 

If only I had snapped one more picture after this one so I had that adorable facial expression that came a fraction of a second after this one: sharp eyes with furrowed eyebrows halfway between bewilderment and anger, directed right at the happy dog.  Hilarious - once we realized that Zoe did not, in fact, mistake part of Miles's hand for an extra chunk of roll. 

8. Nana's are the greatest.

 Love how all of them are completely transfixed on the television and oblivious to Nana's hilarious position.  Hey, at least she's getting a foot rub out of it!

9.  Miles might one day be a professional four wheel racer.

But probably not.  Because he was a bit terrified of this machine.  It took him a full day to warm up to the idea of going out on it.  The other kids had a great time, though. 

10.  It's kind of cool when your 8 year old daughter comes up from the dressing room in a cute pink dress, and then your mother pulls up an old picture of herself that she's recently scanned into her computer from back when she played Barbara in My Turn On Earth...

...and you realize that it is the exact same dress.  You are then forced to think about whether your 8 year old is giant, or if your 20something mother is tiny.  Then it pulls up all sorts of other fun things to think about.  You see your 8 year old twirling in the grass and picture your mother twirling, dancing and singing in the very same dress across the stage.  You know your mom has an angelic voice and you can almost hear the applause from the audience.  Almost picture the tears in their eyes as she sings the very same lullaby that she sang to you as a child, So sleep, sleep till the darkness ends, guarded by your angel friends.  Sleep, sleep till the darkness ends, guarded by your angel friends. 

11.  Family is fun.

And smoky skylines can be beautiful.  Even when ash is slowly floating down on you and you're slightly worried that the fires are going to come up over the mountain and engulf the beautiful city you love.

But you keep jumping rope and enjoying the days.  You keep laughing with your parents and siblings because you know that you can't stay forever.  And regardless of where the fires are or are not, soon your airplane will pull up to your terminal and it will be time to board.  So you enjoy, and enjoy, and enjoy.

Then when you are back home, snug on your own couch, you can pour through the pictures and remember the fun.  Remember the love.  Remember the happiness that family brings.   


  1. Oh, what happy pictures! I am particularly impressed that you captured the sequence with the dog and the roll--that was excellent!!

  2. Oh this makes me miss days and late nights spent at your parents' house. SO much fun! Such amazing people. LOVE it all!

  3. You are so blessed to have family to spend time with like that. What fun!! Love the pictures.

  4. These posts made me so happy! I loved having you all in Utah for a little while. And the picture of us... and the carpet made me laugh so hard!