Wednesday, February 24, 2010

6 Years and 7 Princesses

I remember my 6th birthday. I got a scooter, and it was just warm enough to ride it around the cul-de-sac felt like I stayed out there for hours. It's a fun memory - but it scares me a little bit because I realize that McKenzie could very well remember today, or tomorrow, or yesterday for the rest of her life. Is that thought scary to anyone else!?

Well, who knows if she will remember her 6th birthday or not, but she definitely had a good time. :)

This past year with her has been one of my favorites. Kindergarten has turned her into a soaring butterfly - and she's beginning to capture the vision that she can fly as high as she wants. Her self-confidence has blossomed! And because of it, she is developing strengths in friendship-building, quick learning, speaking her mind, curiosity, independence, and boldness in exploring new ideas. This same self-confidence, however, brings challenges too. She's having trouble exploring her independence within the boundaries of home rules, and the level of sympathy she once felt for others has diminished. I feel these things will all equalize, and I will happily take the challenges that come with self-confidence as opposed to those that come with low self-confidence.

As always, she doesn't like cake. (I know. I've failed somewhere.) It's getting harder and harder to find a suitable dessert that she will love (cookies and brownies are also a no-go), but this year I threw a bunch of her favorite things together and came up with this beauty! I still have yet to coin a name for it...oreos, chocolate-chip mint ice cream, ganach topping, hot fudge and caramel.

Her birthday party was a couple days later. Seven beautiful princesses from her school class came to celebrate.

We painted their fingernails and sparkled their faces with a little blue eye-shadow and shiny lip-gloss...

...played some princess games like Poison Apple (hot potato)...

...magic wand ring pass...

...kiss the frog...

...princess and the pea...

...and ate ice cream cake.

After it was all over, McKenzie said "That was AW-SOME!"



  1. So Cute. You always do such fun things for your kids. I can understand that McKenzie doesn't like cake, but cookies and brownies too!! I can't believe it. That girl is crazy. But adorable.

  2. It looks like so much fun. What cute ideas. I'm shocked that she doesn't like cookies. Okay, maybe not. Kenz has always been very much her own person. It was so fun to see you. It's too bad it couldn't have been longer. Then again I think if I saw you once a week it still wouldn't be enough.

  3. I had to laugh at the princess and the pea kind of looks like they're all waiting for her to lay an egg or something:) So glad we could be a part of it (and for the record, I was not staying for the baskeball game!)

  4. How completely adorable. Looks like she had a fantastic birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday Kenzie! Isn't independence challenging? :)

  6. So I don't remember my 6th birthday, can I borrow hers? Looks like a great party! Have I told you lately how much I want to be like you when I grow up?

  7. Soooo much fun, wish we were there!

  8. Wow. You are so creative. It amazes me!

  9. What a blast!! Great cake - I love cake, brownies AND cookies, but your cake looks better than any of those things! You're such an inspiration!