Monday, April 11, 2016

Scrambled Thoughts XV

*Teeth Glasses.  It's a thing.

Maybe you can't tell from the photo above, but this girl got braces. (Also pictured in the photo, she got her Daddy's face.)  There was a lot of excitement and anticipation in our home in the weeks leading up to the event - and the morning of the appointment she came down the stairs to breakfast and confessed, "I am so nervous.  My stomach feels all weird - like butterflies."  She handled the appointment like a champ, even though there were a few tense moments that were rather uncomfortable.

Teek didn't know what to think about the whole situation.
"Hey, Ken-zee, what is doze sings on yohw teese?" (*What are those things on your teeth?*)
"Hmmmm.... I don't know, buddy.  Can you guess?"
"Is dey gasses?  Gasses on yohw teese?" (*Are they glasses?  Glasses on your teeth?*)

*Well, why not play cards in costume on a Wednesday?

This kid kills me.  He is such a character.

And so fun to have in this house.

*Feed them and they will come

I may have mentioned this before, but this table full of kids is one of the reasons I LOVE living where I do.  This was just a regular night, and when the neighbor kids found out we were having waffles, they stayed.  It made me want to make waffles every. single. night. (Who are we kidding?  I want to make waffles every single night anyway.)  A table full of happiness.

*Guess who has two thumbs and signed up for a 70 mile bike race.

This girl!  Here I am after my first bike ride - that's how you know I'm telling the truth.  The girls in the neighborhood took me out on a 20 mile ride one Saturday morning and I fell in love with it.  Here's to hoping that I actually have 70 miles of leg power in my legs. Go legs!

*Guess who has two thumbs and knows how to open up a bottle full of sprinkles.

"Can I has a cookie?!"
"No, not this morning."
"Can I has a jelly bean?!"
"No, buddy.  No candy this morning."
"Can I has some sprinkles?"
"I know you want some, Teek, but no sugar this morning."
It was the morning after McKenzie's birthday, and all the sugar was still just sitting around.  What's a boy to do when his mom turns her back for a minute?
"TK, did you get into the sprinkles?"
That Face. The one up there. That melts my heart every time I look at it. Staring back at me. Hoping he's not in trouble.  Slowly nodding his head, truthfully responding to my question.  What's a mom to do?  Hug him and kiss him and praise him for his honesty, then tell him about the importance of obedience while cutting him a giant piece of cake, that's what.

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