Friday, March 7, 2014

February Harvest

Lots of Beauty this Month!

1 - Orchards and orchards and orchards of oranges.
2 - That cloud looks so much like it's bursting with happiness!  I want to look like that... metaphorically, of course.  (It also looks like the Beast when he starts changing into the Prince (but then he starts floating and spinning while the rays split through his body, which is weird, so); let's stick with the happy burst).
3 - Dancing through the sun rays.
4 - That Swiss Family - they were one genius family.
5 - You'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream.  la-dee-da, la-dee-da, la-dee-da-da-da-da-dum-da-dum-da-dum...
6 - Old Father Seahorse
7 - Fish.  Star Fish.
8 - Beautiful Vine Lady.  She really moved like a vine.  Creepy.  But beautiful.
9 - Fountains in France (Epcot)

10 - Double fireworks show for the price of one.

11 - Texture, texture, texture.
12 - Olympic Party Spoons - super fun and easy party snack that will become part of our lives from now on.
13 - Sunset - breathe in, breathe out.
14 - My Favorite Color.  Also, it was fun to squeeze it out just for the sake of a picture.
15 - Funny Branch
16 - Moon over Palms
17 - Mama and Miles Date Night.  Hot Cocoa and Valentine books.  He was a perfect gentleman and only spilled his hot chocolate once.
18 - Love
19 - Cleanliness is Beauty.  No dog poop to smell or step in?  The greatest form of cleanliness.

20 - The Letter 'L' - my favorite.

21 - Bright Flowers and lovely buildings
22 - The Colors!  Isn't that beautiful?
23 - Happy Stars
24 - Moving Water under the last sliver of sunlight.
25 - New (to me) Car.  Guys... I've wanted this thing for a while now.  It's gorgeous and drives like a dream... plus, love that Honda security.
26 - Peaceful Flight.  Okay, actually... it wasn't peaceful because they were all scattering away after Carson and Miles ran out the back door to catch one.
27 - Patterns
28 - Sunset
29 - Very Last Carton of Money Bleeding Formula

30 - Blooming Rose


  1. #29 made me laugh! That stuff is expensive! I am hoping we're on our last carton too...

    1. Every time I fork over the money I think 'i sure wish my body did what normal female mammals do!' but then I remember to be happy that I live today and can so easily solve the problem... Otherwise I'd be hunting for a wet nurse. :) (which, by the way, is such a gross title...!)

  2. Ok I am procrastinating finishing a class I'm teaching tomorrow. I will rephrase that and say I just needed a brain break. Anyway, your updated sidebar was the perfect diversion--sweet and funny. Thanks! :)