Friday, September 10, 2010

I can't find it...

...but it's there. It's certainly there. Making itself known every time I step into the entryway; greeting every visitor who comes inside.

The smell.

The smell of death and dying and decomposing and disgusting.

I can't find it...but it's there.

I spent two hours (two hours) yesterday moving couches, tearing apart closets, emptying baskets, pulling up rugs, washing fabric. And it's still...THERE!

What IS it? WHERE is it? Brian says the crawl-space is clear and free from any rotting carcasses; it doesn't seem to be coming in through the vents; that leaves the attic...something might be dead up there - - - but we can't get up there without a long ladder, which we don't have. And then, what if that ends up being clear? What's the next step? Ripping down the walls?

Oh dear.

My olfactory system and I are not happy right now. *sniff*

Any ideas?


  1. Ours was our sink...mostly the disposal. It took cleaning and soaking in bleach to resolve the issue. Good luck!

  2. We had something dead & smelling our master bedroom closet a year or two ago. It was seriously so bad that I took all of the clothes out and just heaped them around the bedroom--so that I didn't walk around smelling like dead rodent! Russ went up to the attic over & over to check, but never found anything. We figured a mouse must have died in the walls or something...nasty!

  3. My mother-in-law had a squirel die in her chimney but couldn't find where the smell was coming from until she opened the flu. We also had milk spilled in our play kitchen, in the cracks where we didn't think it traveled to. Good Luck, bad smells stink!

  4. Time to clean out your fridge!!! :)

  5. My money is on a dead creature in the walls, although we did have a dead rat in the back of our stove once. Long story, hilarious and vile. Get some glade plug ins until the smell dissipates - it will eventually.

  6. Ew. That's really gross. Sorry, man. I hope you find it soon! Let me know if it goes away. That way I'll know if I have to get a hotel or not next time I visit. :)