Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, McKenzie!

Can you believe it? Four years ago, our little girl changed many lives by coming into this world. She made Brian and I parents, she made our parents grandparents, she made our brothers and sisters uncles and aunts.... and there, at the beginning of her life, I saw that my life, too, was just starting.

Have you ever been so proud of someone that tears sting your eyes? I saw it happen many times in my own mother's eyes as I was growing up...but I never understood it until I had my own daughter. I'm proud to tears over many, seemingly insignificant, events in her life: her first word (no), her first sentence (Hi more bug!), her first step, potty training breakthroughs, taking such good care of her little brother, her preschool Christmas program, writing her name, writing 'mom' and 'dad', knowing simple answers in primary... How can I even describe the proud feelings that swell in my heart as I watch her learn something new... Nothing makes me laugh harder than her silly words! Nothing is more precious than a spontaneous, sincere hug from her. McKenzie is quick, smart, stubborn, sweet, manipulative, caring and loving. I was so happy to celebrate the four wonderful years we've had so far!

We generally don't have much sugar cereal laying around the house, but when asked what she wanted for breakfast on her birthday, she immediately responded, "Special Cereal!" So, the day started with 'special' cereal and opening her presents from Grandma, which included a cute little dress that was immediately tried on for good that day.

Next, she went to preschool. She was the 'line leader' and got other special treatments all day. Brian and I went for snack-time and brought some sugary rice-krispy treats for the class to enjoy. It was so fun to meet McKenzie's 'best buddy' JulieAnne. They were inseparable while we were there! I had never seen her like that before - how fun! (Another weird 'proud mommy tears' moment!)

We then met a bunch of her friends at the 'swings park' to have some pizza and more rice-krispy treats. She always has so much fun at the park. Especially if there are swings! :)

When we returned home, we opened a couple more presents from Nana and Poppy and aunt Michelle. Poor little Carson was more than ready for his nap by this time, so Brian stayed home with him while I took McKenzie to Toys 'R' Us to spend the $10.00 she received from her Great-Grandma Clara and Great-Grandpa Arvid. She bought a spongy baseball bat & ball, and a huge, pink bouncy ball - she even had enough change left over to ride the little coin-op car in the front of the store.
When we returned home, we ate broccoli soup for dinner (her request...) and I brought out the flamingo cake (another request). What do you think!? I didn't have quite enough time to get a great picture (once you promise cake to kids, you light the short fuse to the ticking time bomb of patience) but this will have to do. :) McKenzie's favorite animal is the flamingo (highly due to it's pink color) and she was very excited to see the flamingo cake! Her aunt Michelle sent her a stuffed flamingo - it was one of the favorite presents of the day!

Following the cake, she opened the rest of her presents and played with them until bedtime - at which time McKenzie went to sleep as a very tired, happy four-year old.



  1. Linds, the cake is great! I love how the legs form a 4! Brady's bday is the same day, so we had cake, too, (and I thought of Kenz!)
    She's really growing up!

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Linds, they really do grow up!! It is so sad and so exciting at the same time!

  3. Lindsay, she is just so cute! And that hair is just beautiful!!! It is crazy when your kids grow up on you. Lily just turned 6 and we couldn't believe it. Before long we will be sending them off to collage. Congrats! Great cake by the way. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! :)

  4. Wow Linds, I'm impressed with your birthday cake skills. Very nice! Isn't it crazy to think that these little girls of ours are growing up so quickly! It seems just like yesterday Kenz was born. I totally understand the whole cry because you are proud thing. I cried because Katherine bore her testimony in church and she did most of it by herself. Yeah, mom was crying. I just couldn't help it. I'm glad McKenzie had such a fun filled birthday.

  5. Wow... I really like that chick.

  6. McKenzie is one-of-a-kind. I guess all kids are, but some more than others, and she is truly unique, in a lot of wonderful ways. Thanks for making her, guys:).