Monday, February 25, 2008

Bubbles and Nods

As I was cleaning up dinner last night, Carson got into the blackberry jam and spilled it all down the front of himself and all over the carpet. Knowing that blackberries leave hard stains to get out, I acted quickly by stripping his shirt and cleaning up what I could from the carpet. "Carson, where did Kenzie go? Go find Kenzie, buddy!" I said to him, trying to get him away from the mess. As he walked away, I grabbed the Resolve carpet cleaner and started squirting the purple stains. Carson came running back into the dining room shouting, "Bubble! Bubble!" And, sure enough, bubbles were coming out of the squirt bottle. I realize that this might not sound like a really awesome thing...but you have to realize that for an 18 month old, Carson doesn't really say a lot of words. So I get really excited whenever I hear a word that is recognizable as English. Anyway, it was too cute, so I had to get a video.

I actually got two different where he said 'bubble' effortlessly, and then this one where his goopy nose got in the way a little bit - but this video is a bonus because, along with the word, it has his 'affirmative nod'. He can't actually say 'yes' or 'no' (which is funny, because 'no' was McKenzie's first word), so he nods or shakes his head instead. And it's a whole body movement! You'll's cute!


  1. Lindsay he is just so cute! He just looks like a little boy. I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks. So cute!!!!