Monday, October 8, 2007

New Tricks

OH BOY!! I just found a button that lets me upload videos! Let me know if this works...

Carson has been SO funny with this Elmo! I remember McKenzie adoring it for a while - and now Carson gets his turn, I guess. He sang with Elmo all day yesterday - it was adorable!

The Return of Elmo

And McKenzie couldn't wait to show off her new gymnastics skills!

Jumping, Somersaulting and Hopping


  1. So what was the button? And I just wanted to tell you that your house (and your kids too of course) looked really cute in the video...not walmart-chic at all!:)

  2. When you're in adding a new post, it's the button just to the right of the 'add photo' button.

    And thanks! It's nice to know that WalMart furniture can pass as 'not walmart-chic'! (I guess nothing actually came from WalMart...but it was just as cheap or free for me!)

  3. Those are sure cute! Both of them are going up so fast. Though kids do that. Elmo is hot right now. Sadie LOVES him, she takes him everywhere with her, and we watch him all day (that is if we let her) So fun!!!

  4. I vote putting McKenzie in gymnastics lessons!