Saturday, September 8, 2007

Labor Day at Jordan Lake

I'm finally catching up with our Labor day pictures! We went to Jordan Lake this past Monday with the Becks and Birdnos.

I had forgotten how much I LOVE lakes. Skiing, tubing and wakeboarding, cliff jumping and swimming in the shallow water, wave-running...there are so many fun things to do! My favorite was skiing. I idolized my dad for being able to get up on ONE ski - he was a good coach; I remember him spending hour after patient hour trying to get me up on that single ski. When I finally got it, he bought me my very own slalom ski - that was a great day!

Of course, we didn't have a boat last Monday - but great company made up for it. Besides, I think the kids had more fun playing in the sand and in the shallow waters than they would have sitting on a boat watching the rest of us ski. :)

Ready................... Set................. Go!!!!!

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  1. I tried water-skiing once and will never, ever subject myself to that pain again! I'll leave that to you Lake-loving Utahns:)