Monday, September 17, 2007

I Love Being A Mom!

What could be funnier than, upon hearing fits of laughter, turning around and finding this?

And, as if that weren't enough, this is the conversation I overheard McKenzie and Josh (cute little 2 year old pictured above) having while I was cleaning the kitchen:

Josh, are you pooping?
Josh: No, I'm just tooting.
Kenzie: I know, but is a little bit of poop coming out with the toots?
Josh: No, just toots. *pause* I have a diaper on.
Kenzie: That's good.
*After a couple of minutes*
Josh: I pooped.
Kenzie: I thought so.


  1. I love the pictures. The kids are just so cute. I loved the story the the two kids had. Kids sure say the cutest things. I love it!

  2. Lindsay - I got your link off Jennie's blog, and was so glad to see it was you... I read your entire blog - through August - and have decided you are by far the best blogger I know. I love the stories so much! Your kids are adorable, and I can't believe you're really doing a triathalon! Good for you! If you're ever interested, I also have a blog for my little family:
    ~Amber (Zane) LaBau

  3. HILLARIOUS!!! Cute crayon-up-the-nose pics...have they been reading our blog? Now I know to insist on markers when I color with McKenzie:).