Friday, December 12, 2014

October Harvest

1 - I do love decorating for Christmas, but decorating for fall is my favorite.  I love the colors and the smells, the warmth and the coziness...beautiful.

2 - Full moon through the palm trees
3 - Beautiful lighting this night as we walked into the temple.
4 - You know what I'd like to know?  Who had the patience to place all of those rocks just so?  The kids ran around and around the spiral -- first in towards the middle, and then back out again.
5 - Oh grass.  I do love you.
6 - Oh rain.  I do love you.
7 - I think these are my favorite flowers ever.  Aren't they just so delicate and colorful?
8 - But roses might be my favorite, too.
9 - The pride that went into decorating this cookie from a certain five-year-old.  Beautiful.
10 - Love this guy.

11 - The sunsets are really remarkable here when the clouds come out.

12 - I smile every time I see these two plants nestled together in my backyard.
13 - Sun-rays from my parent's backyard
14 - Plane in the bright pink sky.
15 - Another Vegas sunset.  I swear I didn't touch the color in this photo in post-processing.  It really was that vibrant.
16 - This kid.  Melts me.
17 - I was lucky to be able to go to Utah for a weekend to go to my sister's bridal shower.  It was the perfect time to go because the leaves were changing and falling.
18 - Halloween festivities.  Next year, I want one of those lights that puts sparkles on my house!
19 - More fallen leaves in my parents yard.  I may have to find a yard here with one autumn tree to love.
20 - My sister's hand with her beautiful ring.

21 - Did I mention that this is my favorite flower?  I seriously need to get back to it with my big girl camera someday.

22 - Happy red flower
23 - This was a mess.  A beautiful mess.  I stared at that big green glob hanging from that knife and felt all warm and fuzzy inside because it was one of those moments when I realized that I'm living exactly the kind of life I've always wanted.
24 - First of all, hello bird.  Second of all, gorgeous orange flowers!
25 - Only my mom could make a Costco cake look beautiful on a table.
26 - Beautiful rose
27 - My parents beautiful entryway.
28 - Fall colors!  This little tree was trying its hardest to represent the fall season.  Thank you, tree.  Thank you.
29 - More of my mom's decorating skills
30 - I loved the way the light came through the bottom of this vase.  Beautiful.

31 - Deep blue sky... flower depths... beautiful.

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