Thursday, July 31, 2014

Scrambled Thoughts XI - Miami Style

1.  Paralyzed.  My brain.  Stuck.  Jammed.  Overwhelmed.

I'm paralyzed by all the things... so many perfect moments sprinkled throughout our last month in Miami that really deserve to be recorded, and I can't seem to get my brain to roll with the thoughts in any sort of productive manner.  Instead I sit here with this blank screen in front of me, staring into the light.  But record I must, so I am forcing my fingers to do the work and hoping that by bypassing my brain, something will be accomplished.

If the words leave you lacking, at least you'll have some cute faces to stare at inbetween.

2. Boys and Beaters

Not boys as beaters, let's be clear.  But boys with beaters.  The cooking kind, of course.  Timothy is starting to realize that there are some v.e.r.y special things in this world - like beaters with cookie dough on them.  I'm not sure whether Miles, Carson or Timothy enjoyed this moment more... those big brothers sure are excited to introduce that little baby to the finer things in life.

3. Some boys consider a dog to be their best friend.  Others choose a shovel.

Miles has chosen well.  Shovels don't have to be fed.  And you don't have to clean up their poop.

4. Sometimes motherhood feels a bit like a patient pelican with an angry seabird yelling on its back.

Sometimes I'm the seabird.  Sometimes I'm the pelican.
5. Parks. Bikes. Sweat. Sisters.  It's a wonderful life.

I'm afraid that Timothy thinks Kenz is his mother.  She kind of is. 

6. Sometimes I feel self conscious about my appearance.  So I look at this guy.

At first I feel better, but then I start worrying that something is hanging out of my own nose.  So I look at this creature below that doesn't have a nose, and am caught up in the sheer beauty of her.

Now you know, if ever you see me with all of my hair sticking straight out to one side, you'll be able to tell people where I found the inspiration.
7. The kids all yelled 'snow!' when I asked them what kind of climate they wanted to live in.  Life is full of disappointments like that.

But they're creative. Now they know that sand and boogie boards don't work just as well as snow and sleds.

And that smoothies and ice cream taste nowhere near just as good as hot cocoa when you're finished. 

8. Missing faces is the worst part of moving.

Also sand and palm trees and hammocks and cool, breezy nights.  Book club was fun and unique in Miami.

9. With a title like the Father, the Girl, and, the Boy (what!?  Looks like we need a refresher on comma usage) Brian and I were thrilled we got the last remaining tickets to the theater.

We were advised to dress up in our Sunday best and to make sure to practice theater etiquette during the duration of the play.  When we arrived, we found it was a full house. We quickly found the ticket booth,

and greeted the ushers as we walked in,

who graciously showed us to our numbered seats.  Front and center, SWEET!

There was no photography allowed during the show, but it was delightful.  And we were shocked to see that the ticket masters, the ushers, and the actors were all the same people!  It was a fantastic show and received an enthusiastic standing ovation upon completion.

10. Having town mascots is cool, just ask the children instead of the teenagers.  And who else thinks sea turtles are the greatest of all town mascots?

Sea turtles, sea turtles, sea turtles.  Sea turtles on every corner for everyone to love.  I think there was something like 60 turtles in our square mile town and we found as many as we possibly could.  The one below is Freedom... the kids' favorite.

He is a massive swirl of color and texture.  Seriously... artists.  They blow me away.  How do they do it?

The one below is one of my favorites because of where Miles is in his jumping process.

And this Carson kid... he is a comedian, I tell you.  I am loving his maturing personality breaking through his childhood skin. 

Stay tuned for more scrambled Miami thoughts!


  1. I love that you got a turtle pic with the seaside sign!!

  2. The pelican/seagull picture: truth. Carson and the turtle- his eyelashes rival hers!

  3. I'm glad to read your posts; I've been wondering how you are doing. And I agree with Katie, number 4 is too true and made me laugh. I also love that your kids put on a great play for you. I hope videotaping was allowed so that you can look back on it always. Good luck as you get settled! And, does every ward you're in have a book club? Because I've never been in a ward with a regular one (but I am currently the activities counselor and we have talked of starting one, but I doubt it would be as great as the ones you do....)