Monday, October 27, 2014

August Harvest

The beach is gone.

That makes these harvests quite a bit harder, you know. 

But, look!  Turns out there is beauty in the desert after all. 

1 - I am falling more and more in love with my camera phone every day.  For such a tiny, multipurpose thing, it sure did a good job with all the levels of light at the Bellagio, didn't it?  And isn't the color of that sky dreamy?  (Not captured, Andrea Bocelli's voice coming through the loudspeakers.  Also dreamy.)

2 - Cute little things.  The picture doesn't do a good job of showing you what this tiny bush actually looks like (though, I love the picture the way it is), but this is the tip of one in front of my house.  We have several of them lining our walkway and they were the first things that made me feel that maybe we could do this whole desert thing.  Foxtails, they're called. 
3 - I think these flowers look like happy eyelashes.
4 - Silhouettes.  I don't know why they're so hard for me to get right, but I just love a good one.
5 - Dancing sunlight
6 - Does this even need a caption?  He was on cloud nine after that spare - and those curls bouncing on his head just kill me.
7 - Cactus.
8 - Another plant in our yard.  I think it kind of looks like someone needs to take a hairbrush through all those tangles... but light can make most anything beautiful.
9 - Do you know we're back in the land of Not Making Our Own Fry Sauce?
10 - The. Best. Burger. I. Have. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Eaten.  I will be back to this place.

11 - Everyone needs a role model.

12 - Sunny Grass
13 - I'm finding I'm developing an affinity for the color orange.
14 - Red Rock
15 - Beautiful.  Beautiful boys.
16 - So symmetrical.
17 - Uninviting in such a beautiful way.
18 - My parents live in an amazing place.
19 - You guys.  It rained.  And I loved it.
20 - My McKenzie.  She's beautiful.  So is that sky.

21 - It was dark, and I didn't have a tripod but, lightning, so I had to try!  It's grainy and fuzzy, but also beautiful.

22 - Tiny little spider-webby fibers.  And notice the new growth on the cladode in the bottom right corner. (Don't I sound smart? (Google helped.))
23 - First day of school bacon.  Sometimes it's nice to put Brian in charge of breakfast.
24 - Sigh.  My beautiful boy.  He's growing up, you know.  Turned 8.
25 - Tiny corndogs.
26 - Fuzzy leaves
27 - Isn't the way the light is playing off of this pillar pretty?
28 - My second dessert plate at the Wicked Spoon.  Trust me, it was a beautiful thing.  Also, I just realized that this is the third picture of food in this one collage... hm.
29 - First day of school.  You know how many kids I had shopping with me that day?  ONE!  One.  Just one.
30 - Such a funny, cloudless sunset!

31 - Isn't that baby precious?  Even more beautiful is the fun and love he'll share with Poppy all through his life. 


  1. I have fond memories of the Bellagio and Andre Bocelli singing after Sarah's reception! I can't believe I missed it when we were there in June. Every time I hear the word symmetrical I think of Brian and my wedding picture. Gotta love the land of fry sauce!! Love the new beauty you see.

  2. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I love your pictures.